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Well, I've hit the 6 week mark and returned to work, which really isn't all that bad - yesterday was my first day back and tomorrow is my last day before vacation (and I haven't been getting paid while I was out, so might as well get something) BUT, did AF really have to return on my first day back to work?? Seriously?? I knew it was coming, but the timing there was certainly less than ideal!
On a good note though, my mom arrives today and is staying for a couple of weeks!!:yahoo:

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I thought you had a c-section ? I thought it was 8 weeks, and you didn't get paid?! I am sorry Sad You are funny though - today is your last day Smile I am sorry about :witch: I hope the last day went well Smile

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Ugh. That sucks. At least it was a short return to work. Hope AF doesn't stick around too long. That will be nice to have your mom there to help!

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I won't get paid either. With DD I could only afford to take 2 weeks off, and those two weeks were my vacation weeks that I had saved up to have her, so that I could get paid something while I was out! I hope something works out for me before this LO comes! Good luck with going back to work... I always miss baby so much!