A day in a life of... (stolen from July '11)

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A day in a life of... (stolen from July '11)

I was reading this in thread in July and I thought it was pretty neat. Share your day with us Smile

1 - 2 am = Jacob NEEDS to eat Smile

5:15 - 5:30am = Jacob NEEDS to eat again and get ready for work

5:45am - 6:15am = On the days that DH has to go to work, I make his lunch and breakfast and get the boys things ready. DH usually holds Jacob while I am doing this.

6:15am = Leave for work. I do morning Latchkey at 7am

7:55 - 2:45 = Teaching

3:15pm = I go home, or pick up the boys at Mom's or the sitters

4:00pm = I do a little relaxing before I make dinner - or if the house is a real big mess and I can't stand it, I clean. There is usually a feeding Smile

5:00pm - 6:30 = Making dinner, eating dinner, play with Jacob and Nicholas

6:30pm - 7:30pm = Bath and getting ready for the next day. I like to leave the clothes out for the next day. Jacob eats Smile

7:30pm = We watch Caillou and then put DS1 to bed - I read him three stories Smile

8:00pm - 9:00pm = Mommy time, Bath and computer Smile DH is holding Jacob

9:30 - 10:00 = Bedtime for a three hour rest Smile

Weekends are little different - just in the morning though. We take our time in the morning!

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Monday thru Thursday:
6-8 am--Tommy stirs and wants his breakfast.

10am--first 30 min nap of the day. I relax and prepare the house for the 4 year old tornado that will be arriving. Feed Tommy once he wakes.

11:20ish--pick up Miss Tornado from the bus. Give her lunch (i.e. make sure she sits at the table and gets a few bites in)

Noon-4--feed Tommy twice, keep Miss Tornado busy by watching countless episodes of Dora the Explorer or Sesame Street. Play with Tommy in between trying to keep Miss Tornado from accidentally loving on him too hard Blum 3 Hope Tommy gets in at least one or two 30 minute nap sessions and pray it's a nap day for Miss Tornado otherwise we have lots of time out sessions.

4pm--Miss Tornado's mom comes and picks her up. I fall back into a heap of exhaustion on the couch Blum 3 Cuddle time with Tommy.

5pm-6pm Make something for supper. Generally something quick and probably unhealthy Blum 3 Feed Tommy.

7-8:30--Play with Tommy and try to minimize the severity of grumping hour Blum 3 Give him a bath close to 9.

9-10ish--Last feeding before bedtime. We say goodnight and give him his musical seahorse which puts him to sleep.

10-11--One hour of Mom time. Depending on the day, I sometimes go to bed just after Tommy.

Fridays are a bit different as I have Miss Tornado from about quarter after 8 in the morning until 4. Let's just say I am not a fan of Fridays any more Blum 3 Weekends are a little more laid back; sometimes we go out with Tommy to his grandparents or the store or what not and Sundays is church.

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Monday - Friday:
7a: DH wakes me up to feed "The Boy". I nurse him in bed, laying down, and we both fall asleep pretty quickly.

8:30-10a: I wake up and kick my self for not staying awake earlier. The Boy stays asleep. I get DH's breakfast and lunch ready. He takes them to work to eat. I get DD breakfast, then some for myself. I read the news and catch up on emails/facebook/birth boards. Smile

10a: Feed the boy, play with the boy

11a: Start homeschool with DD
11:15a: The boy's nap starts

1p: Feed the boy, do tummy time for the boy, and play with him
2:15p: the boy's nap starts

2:30p: Lunch for DD and myself

3p: DD naps, I relax, do chores, work on school stuff

4p: Feed the boy, play with him
5:15p: the Boy's nap starts, relax, work on school stuff, misc.

7p: Feed the boy, put him right down to sleep

7:30p: Get supper ready

9:00p: DD goes to bed

10p: Feed the boy, down to sleep for the night! Lazy time for me.

11:30p: Go to bed

Tuesday mornings we go to the library from 10:30a-11:30a for story hour.

Monday nights are my new time to go grocery shopping, kid free as the kids go to DH's parents house for a few hours Mon evenings. Thursday nights we have date night every week, so I drop the kids off at 5p, and pick them up at 9p, and we go out to eat.

Every other Tuesday evening, I have Ladies' Bible Study, either at my house, or a friend's. DH comes home early to be with the kids. Alternate Friday nights, DH has Mens' Bible Study.

Saturdays we usually do stuff around the house, catch up on chores etc. Though I am planning 1 family fun Saturday per month. I hope we stick to it. Sundays we go to church in the morning and stay for lunch. Sunday evenings DD goes to church with DH's parents, and we relax.

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very cool thread, however...I am just now realizing how UN-structured me an my kids lives are:rolleyes:

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Lol Jenn Smile

6:00 Alarm goes off (for the first time Wink )
6:15 I stop fighting the alarm and get up, shower
6:30ish Get dressed and get breakfast, make sure dogs have food/water, pack bags for kids and myself for the day
7:00 Wake Grace up (she's NOT a morning person), hair and makeup for me and a few minutes to talk with Grace
7:15 Transfer Ian and Jacob from cribs to carseats and make my coffee, put everyone in car
7:30 on the road
8:00 Drop the kids off at Grandma's
8:15-4:30 Kinder-craziness...I mean, school
5/5:10 pick up kids and head home
6/6:15 arrive home and prepare dinner, feed boys
6:45/7:00 dinner, cleanup, 'family time'
8:30 Grace goes to bed, another bottle for boys, playtime for boys then bedtime bottle and sleep
10-11:00 (depending on what I need to do) Sleep for me

No real schedule, more of a day that we get things done between food and nap times.

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"jski88" wrote:

very cool thread, however...I am just now realizing how UN-structured me an my kids lives are:rolleyes:

Ha! I was afraid to admit that I relax Smile

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3:15am - Alarm goes off and I get up and feed baby P.
3:30- Shower and ready for work wave good bye to the three sleeping kids and sleeping husband.
4am - 4:20am - Pump, eat breakfast, and check email and facebook
5am -1:30pm Run around the hospital taking blood from people.
2pm - Arrive at sitters house and pick up Baby P and DS if it is a Tuesday or Thursday.
Or pick up baby p and friends son if it is Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
2:40pm- Pick up DD and Friend, and DS if it is MWF.
3pm- Arrive home and pray that all the big kids will go play so I can cuddle with Baby P and feed him.
4pm- Baby P down for a nap
5pm Baby P up from nap and wanting to eat.
5-7:30 cuddling and playing and feeding.
7:30pm Bathtime.
8:00pm everyone in bed, baby p usually asleep in the swing.
8 - 9:30pm - Mommy time and then bed.

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Wow Karen! That is some schedule!!! Smile

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Yea tell me about it. I get worn out just reading it LOL

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6:30 Wake up and get DD ready for school and out the door to the bus
6:45 Feed Jace
7:30 Short nap for Jace while I shower
8:00-11:00 Tummy Time, Play with both boys, Feed Jace again, Try to get some cleaning in
11:00-12:00 Naptime for Jace, downtime for mommy while DS1 watches cartoons and has lunch, more cleaning
12:00-3:00 Feed Jace, Play with the boys, then Feeding time again
3:00-4:00 Naptime
4:00-5:00 Feed Jace, Get DD off the bus, Do homework with DD
5:00-6:00 Cook, clean, and play with Jace
6:00-7:00 Eat, feed Jace
7:00-8:00 Cheer practice
8:30-9:00 Get everyone ready for bed, feed Jace again
9:00-11:00 Mommy time! lol Then more feeding

Weekends are just hanging out with the kids and hoping the house isnt a disaster by Monday! lol