Depends, anyone?!

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Depends, anyone?!

(TMI warning) I have a cold. No, a cold is not fun any time, but at this point in a pregnancy, I can't sneeze hard or cough without leaking. SO frustrating!!!! I've been using liners for the increase in CM, but I really don't want to be wearing pads. It's driving me CRAZY!!! Yesterday I was cursing under my breath after a big sneeze, and DH said, "What is wrong?!" I basically had to tell him I had to go change because I wet myself. I guess pads are better than that!!! I just have to keep telling myself it is all worth it Smile

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Yes that part of pregnancy sucks. I have the cm problem, I have to change my undies twice a day.:rolleyes:

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Yup, I've had that for awhile now! I now sneeze, "OhnoAAAAchoo, ****." DH's like, "pee yourself again?" LOL

I can sometimes kegel it in, but it takes LOTS of control!

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Same here! I try to Kegel it too but it doesn't work most of the time. I was wearing liners most of the time because of all the CM but then the doc told me to stop because apparently it was (TMI WARNING) making my private area red and swollen. I have to wear light colored underwear because I cannot stand seeing it in there Blum 3 And then I take an extra pair with me to work just in case I sneeze too hard. Sigh. Blum 3

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LMAO I know exactly how you feel! Isn't that the most horrible thing in the world?! I hate even telling my DH because it's so not sexy and is just flat out embarassing. Oh well, it's all for the cause!