Diaper bags revisited...help me shop!

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Diaper bags revisited...help me shop!

Ok ladies, I am ready to buy a new diaper bag, but I can't decide which one I want!! I definitely want a backpack style and have found some that I like. My biggest problem is that I'm CHEAP - lol - I have the hardest time spending money when I'm shopping for myself. I have included links to some bags that I'm looking at - opinions please! If you see one that you like or dislike (for whatever reason), see a feature that is great, or know that a bag is awful/great PLEASE share. Thanks in advance Smile

(Out of stock for another week or 2)


(I could get this bag in a color that I like and pay full price - ouch - OR get it in a color that is 'ok' for less...)

(can get this one for $100 - possibly less)


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I have the baby kaed one and the clasps on th straps broke within 3 months. When I emailed the company, they didn't even reply to my email.

I also have the JJB packabe and don't mind it (I prefer the backpack style diaper bad over the duffle-style bags). I cloth diaper and it works fine. I have yet to try it with two kids though...


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I like the second one and third one. You have good taste Smile

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I like them all except the second and the third ones! Good luck, and cute styles!