Eating so much!

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Eating so much!

Ok, I think this baby is always hungry or something! I feel like I am eating all day long. Here is my normal eating schedule lately. I get up at 7am and have a bowl of cereal, about 10 I have a couple English muffins, at 1 I have a couple egg sandwiches with fruit, at 3 I have pretzels or fruit or yogurt, at 5 I have dinner which is usually a meat/grain/veggie combination of some sort, then at 7-8 I have another bowl of cereal. I drink 112 oz of water and then however amount of milk that is in my cereals. Sprinkle in there some sunflower seeds because 1. I crave them, and 2. because I want to eat more but feel like I'm eating too much so I eat those. I can't seem to drink anything other then water or I get really dehydrated feeling. I don't know how much I have gained as of right now but at my 23 week appt I had gained 10lbs so not a lot but I'm thinking my appt on Monday I will have gained like 20lbs in 4 weeks!

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At least it seems like you are eating a healthy mix of things, and drinking lots of water so that is good! I wish I could force myself to eat healthy but my nightly snack is a bowl of ice cream, pobably not the best idea LOL.
if you have gained 20lbs. in 4 weeks just make yourself feel better by remembering that the baby is gaining weight faster now too so it is just the baby not you LOL

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I eat a lot too, but I'm ashamed to put down what I'm eating--it's no where near as healthy. I am trying to eat better though since I've been having stomach issues again (probably because of my lack of healthy foods). I tend to have cereal 2-3 times a day--that seems to be what I crave. I'm trying to force myself to eat more oatmeal to get the fiber and iron I need, even though I'm not a huge fan of the texture or taste.

I also have an ice cream craving--I tend to eat a scoop or two a day.