First word!?!?

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First word!?!?

I was saying to Adrian... Want your BaBa(bottle) and he starts going ba ba ba ba!!!

At 5 1/2 months???

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He may be mimicking the syllable you're saying. I'm not sure if he's quite connecting that ba ba means his bottle but it could be possible Smile I know Tommy says "Dada" a lot but he hasn't quite connected it to dad. I think he just likes saying it a lot!

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I LOVE BABY SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww!!!! That is so cute! He is one smart cookie Biggrin He prolly doesn't quite know it means his baba yet tho Wink hehe If he keeps it up, you will know he means it *nod*

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I adore baby talk! Their so darn cute when they start talking! Jace has said mama for a while but its usually only when hes crying to be held so I dont know if he even realizes that hes saying it. But, it sure does put a smile on my face everytime! Smile