Getting back into shape.

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Getting back into shape.

Anyone have any plans/goals?
I am one of the very lucky one's with a fast matabolism and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight...(don't shoot me, lol) but since summer is upon us and I usually live in my bathing suit during the summer, I have some work to do. I really need to tone/ tighten the abs/obliques. Does anyone have any good suggestions for tightening back up? After I had d/s 2 I joined a gym and started running and lost about 5-10 lbs and felt great! I think I looked better than I had ever looked before (even in highschool) plus my self esteem and energy were at it's peak. I don't envision me having time to run again ( or at least not anytime soon) but the results were fantastic. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any good excersises they plan on using to get back into shape? I'm really feeling pretty good about myself after having Grace, but I still feel like I still have a ways to go before I'm feeling my best. Anyone else?

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I run and do pilates. I swear pilates change the way my body looks. I particularly like MTV pilates; it's hard and the instructor has a bad boob job that I like to mock Smile With Elaina I was able to start working out about 3 weeks post partum. It took my about 2.5 more months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight... but I gain A LOT of weight LOL.

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I haven't started yet because my doc said no 'real' exercise until I'm cleared at my 6 week appt, but I found out at my last appt that I was already down about 50 pounds :eek:. Most of that (other than the babies/placenta/amniotic fluid of course) was from how swollen I was and all of that fluid. I don't think I gained a lot of extra weight that I need to lose, but I was SOO swollen. I'm still having some swelling in my legs, but my stomach is a MESS - sizewise, AND loose skin - ugh! I'm not too worried about the size - I'll be on the treadmill and back to eating right, but I have no idea how to combat the loose skin...

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My husband got us P90X. I am a little intimidated. He is already in really good shape so it isn't that hard for him. I also love pilates and yoga and dance classes. It is going to be a matter of time. Can I find the time to work out? I am trying to make that a priority. Doctor said I can work out as I am ready, but I am still having some pain around the incision so I am holding off until that goes away. I was down 15 at my two week and I gained 35 this pregnancy. I think that I won't have a problem losing the first 25, it will be the last few that kill me. I also need to get toned up. I am super soft right now. It is grossing me out.

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I like to walk, could never run! (I have arthritis! That is my excuse!)

I gained twenty pounds with Tanner, and I have lost all of it, but I was up by about 15 frommy goal weight before I got prego, so I still have some work to do.

I just don't feel like it yet tho.

I been having issues with dehydration already, I am not sure it would be good to exert a lot of energy right now anyhow.

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I gained 30 lbs with Colby, and have lost 25 of it within the first 2 weeks Smile But I still have about 10 lbs to go before I'm back at my fighting weight Wink I think this summer I'm going to keep it slow with just walks and eating right. Come August when Jackson starts preschool, I'll probably join a gym to get tone again.

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ITA that running is amazing for getting your body back, but when my DD got old enough that I couldn't run on the treadmill with her awake, but it was dead of winter so I couldn't take her in the jogger, I started doing Hip Hop Abs. It sounds so silly, but it gave me the strongest core even though it is soooo cheesy. Highly recommend it! I've done P90X too but it is really long (most are an hour) and my DD didn't nap long enough for me to squeeze those in until she got much older. Anyway, you can find cheap copies of HHA on Ebay (don't buy through BeachBody unless you like to be harassed for the rest of your life).

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** lurker from August **

I'm doing the P90x right now...I started it at about 14 weeks preggo and I definitely noticed an improvement RIGHT away. Obviously I couldn't do any of the ab work, but my arms and my love handles were tonned pretty quickly. I would absolutely recommend that since it can be done at home when you have time. And I know the workouts are long - but you could definitely skip some (I know I do!) or only go through them once (some repeat the workout). Its definitely worth it!

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Not sure what I'll do. I'm still pretty early on though--only 3 days--and still a little swollen. But everyone can't believe how quickly I lost what I did. I was all baby I guess. But I'm definitely gonna do something to tone up.

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I did the low carb thing and went to the gym... I lost all baby weight in about 60 days!

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I know that swimming after childbirth is a good exercise. It worked for me. It’s a low-impact exercise, but firms and tones muscles and burns calories fast! Ask your doctor about when you can start. They usually want you to wait at least 6 weeks after delivery.