Gift Ideas for NICU nurses

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Gift Ideas for NICU nurses

I was going to get the whole NICU team something when the girls get discharged and was planning on food like cookies or muffins for them but I need ideas on thoughtful gift ideas for their two primary nurses that I got really close with. I know they are pretty well stocked up on gift cards to Starbucks so there goes that idea....Also, I found some candles and was going to give them to their drs. with a note saying " In the darkest period of our lives, you brought light back into it". Is that too cheesy or is it cute? Need advice please!!!

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I'm feeding babies - lol - pardon any mistakes, I'm typing with my left hand Smile

I like the idea of cookies or muffins for the staff - you could also go with something like an edible arrangement or a fruit baslet if you want something a little different.

I searched "thank you gift" and came up with a ton of gift baskets and gift arrangements, but that got me thinking
- you could put together a 'spa' basket (or get something that is already put together from a place like bath and body works
- you could do a gift card for a mani/pedi or a massage if you know of a good place
- Michaels has jewelry components to put together a bracelet that is styled like the pandora bracelets with an assortment of charms - you could get bracelets and pick out some charms that are meaningful (maybe the girls' birthstone, medical charms, baby themed charms...).
- a plant - maybe an orchid for inside or a small flowering plant that they could plant outside their home

I don't think you'r idea for the docs is cheesy - I think it's really nice Smile

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I love the candle idea!

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I love the candle idea, and think the goodies will be appreciated too!

I got my midwife a gift after my DD was born, and what I got her was a very pretty quilted throw I found at Cracker Barrel. She loved it! Something like that might be nice for the 2 primary nurses. Or maybe a spa gift cert, or a spa gift basket?

It's nice of you to think of everyone!