Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

Its normal for babies to lose their hair right? My little Presley is going bald!

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It's normal Smile Jacob lost a LOT of his and it's just now growing back in (a different color too!) and both of my boys have a bald spot from rubbing their heads against whatever they were laying on and are just starting to grow back. Grace never lost her hair, but it has taken forever to grow-she still doesn't have enough for barettes or a pony tail!

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Yes. Dylan had a mohawk/mullet thing going when he was little. It was also black when he was born and came back a very light brown. It is now a medium brown. And Caden has lost a lot of his hair on top of his head and has a line on the side where his head rubs against the bed. But, it is starting to grow in on the top a little bit.