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Home Visit

I finally had the home visit with my midwife. It went well. My DH was home, and we kind of did some practice pushing positions, to see some other possibilities to what we did last time. I am excited about the idea of pushing and not tearing this time, lol! Since I haven't seen her in awhile due to my bronchitis, she did my GBS culture here at the house, and also an exam. I am carrying really high still, he's not engaged, and I am not at all effaced or dilated. No surprise here, just like last time. I am expecting another 42 week birth, but I could always be wrong. She took blood again, to test for iron. Oh well. I don't think it's going to be good. My urine sample was good, no protein or sugar, and my blood pressure is good. So a nice, calm visit with no surprises. My DH really helped me clean up the house, and I am hoping to keep it up these next 3-5 weeks, so we don't have to do last minute cleaning when I am in labor, lol. I really won't feel great about a homebirth with a disaster house, so we have to maintain. It would be great if I got a crazy nesting urge, but I am not expecting that, lol, I am not a cleaner.

Also, we met with our new pediatrician earlier today, and I like her, and am relieved we have one now. We don't vaccinate, and so got kicked out of our previous pediatrician's practice, which more and more offices around here are doing. This new pediatrician is actually pretty sympathetic to not vaccinating, so it feels good to be somewhere where we feel comfortable talking to her about our concerns, and feel we aren't going to get kicked out.

So a good day, overall. Now I am exhausted, though!

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Sounds like a great home visit and no surprises! That's fantastic that your hubby helped you clean up the house - I hope you can maintain until after the baby comes (that's always our plan, but it never happens that way - lol!).

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Glad your visit went well!
Having a nice clean house is always a great feeling! No wonder I've been so cranky lately, lol- my house is a disaster and I have no desire to do anything about it at the moment.

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Sounds like a great visit! I love my midwife visits (they always come to my house!) And I do like that we clean before they come, so my house looks good Wink haha

I am glad you dh helped you! Now he can help you maintain!!! Biggrin I hope to maintain my house too, so that I won't be depressed about it while I am in labor Smile

I am planning on waiting to vaccinate this time. I never gave it a thought before, but I have read many things about it now and it really bothers me. Especially the fact that we give our BABIES a vaccine for an STD. WTH?!?!!

Anyhow, I don't think my family dr will mind if I wait or decide to not do some of the vax.

It has to be a good feeling to find one who won't "kick you out" because you don't want to vaccinate!! (Uhh last time I checked parents were the decision makers for their children!!!)