How does the baby get out?

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How does the baby get out?

Q for those of you who have other kiddo' did you answer this question and at what age did/do you think they can handle the "real" answer? My DD1 (3.5yrs) says that mummy's belly pops and the baby comes out. She has surprised me with how interested in the pregnancy she has been, even to the point of asking about (and actually understanding) the concept of the baby "eating" via the umbilical cord which then becomes the baby's belly button. I'm still debating whether to leave such a simplistic idea with her about the birth or give her some other explanation....I don't want to the next logical question to be something like "where is the big hole in your belly from it popping when the baby came out"? but I'm not sure she's ready to hear exactly how it gets out!

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We're more conservative in what we tell our kids. We've only told our children that I'll go to the hospital and will get their baby sister. The other day my 5 y/o (the oldest) pointed out that my belly has gotten large. He doesn't know there is a baby in there though.

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I would probably leave it where it is for right now, personally, and then explain more when she's older. My daughter who will be 4 in August knows the baby is in my "tummy", and knows he is going to come out of my "tummy" very soon, but that's about as far as her curiosity has extended, as far as I know. We're planning on having more kids, so if I have a future pregnancy, she will probably be old enough for a lot more information, but I think what she knows now is sufficient.

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I kind of go by what she asks. Beth is under the impression that the baby comes out of my belly button lol. If she asks, then I will tell her. I'm a strong believer in telling them the truth in an age appropriate way when they ask. In fact, I think the last time she told me she was "going to get the baby out" and started digging in my belly button I told her that the baby doesn't come out of there; that it comes out of mommies girly-bits lol.

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I don't know how exactly I would answer that either. Mine have all been c-sections so I just tell my kiddos the dr will cut the baby out. I would just leave it alone though unless she asks.

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I didn't get that question from my daughter - she knew that the boys were in my tummy and will tell you that she grew in my tummy too, but someone asked here the other day where she got such cute little brothers and she said we got them from the hospital - lol. I'm totally ok with that!
I do teach Kindergarten though - I expected the question from my students and they didn't let me down, haha. My answer was something along the lines of 'the doctor gets the baby out...' (not the best answer, I know, but I don't really think that's something I should be teaching about - haha!).

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We told our kids the truth and they took it in stride. I just matter of fact explained that I would push the baby out of my vagina. We shared that mommy will push the baby out through a special opening, which is the same way they came out. It didn't eek them out at all. I'm in favor of being honest with children. I don't think we do them any favors telling them their belly will pop open....:wink:

I also think it is an opportunity to begin to change the culture of birth in our country. Right now birth is so feared and scary and a mystery-- when I think it should be celebrated and supported. I don't want my girls to fear childbirth the way so many do--kwim?

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:lurk: I was pretty straight forward, and I have a good book to recommend. It's called "When You Were Inside Mommy" by Joanna Cole. DS1 was absolutely fascinated with it. It shows a couple drawings of how the baby grows, covers baby getting food through the umbilical cord, briefly covers labor then there's a picture at the hospital with the mom is birth position and says that the Mommy pushed the baby out "through a special opening". I used that as a starting point for the discussion and now DS1 knows that girls/women have "special doors" for babies to come out of. I think if he were a little older (or a girl) I may have gone into greater detail, but I felt that was sufficient for now.

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Both of my sons have asked how the baby is going to get out (they're 8 and 6). I told them that it just comes out of my stomach. My 6 year old dropped it but my 8 year old knows better and kept on pushing... so I told him the baby comes out of my belly button! He got so creeped out that he stopped asking questions after that! I don't know which is worse, "where do babies come from" or "how do they come out?" LMAO...