How much..

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How much..

For those of you who can measure, how much is your LO eating now?? I can't keep these guys fed! I make 6 oz bottles and it's not unusual for Ian to finish 2 and want more :eek:. They have been getting a little cereal in some of their bottles for a while, but I wasn't planning on starting thicker cereal or food this soon. If this is any indication of how they will eat as teenagers, I'm in trouble! lol

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I dont know exactly how much Jace eats since he exclusively BFs but he eats for 20 minutes every 1-2 hours. Hes a lil piggy! lol

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Since I put Jacob on gentle ease he is up to 3 - 4 ounces. He still eats very frequent, like every hour sometimes, so I may introduce cereal soon too!

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My little ones eat about 15 oz daily, usually 3 oz. every 3 hours. I keep track everyday because I have to make sure they are getting enough. I think they should be eating more. Sad

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A ton. He eats mostly 4 oz at a time, but sometimes he needs another couple an hour later. He is eating about every 2 hours. He is a chunk!

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I make 7 oz bottles. Tommy generally eats 6-7 every 3.5 hours or so. However I've found he eats less when I'm babysitting the hyperactive and crazy 4 year old in the afternoons Blum 3 Still, he's over 15 lbs now (doc weighed him last week when I took him in for them to check his belly button).