This junk bites!

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This junk bites!

I went into a regular labor pattern yesterday afternoon for 5 hours. I progressed from 9 minutes apart to 6 minutes apart... then it stopped. Once the contractions stopped I was EXHAUSTED and now I feel bruised on my lower back and abdomen.

I hate this junk!!

Dear baby,



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That's just not fair!!! Hopefully next time will be for real!

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How frustrating!!! I hope something happens for you!!

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What a tease!! Hope that means you are almost there.

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Every time I hear somebody talking about pre-labor labor, it doesn't sound fun, it sounds confusing and exhausting and just plain mean, lol. I am sorry. {{{HUGS}}} to you. Hopefully it means though that your body is doing something... pushing the baby down a little further and preparing your body for the actual birth.

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Hoping he "pops out" soon!