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Last Date Night

Im here waiting to see Hangover 2 and realized its our last date just the two of us before the girls come home! What did you guys do before baby came or what do you plan on doing those who haven't popped yet?

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I think Jacob is coming home on Tuesday, so my mom is taking Nicholas tomorrow night. I am kid free for one night, and I will enjoy it. I will also be husband free since he is in the hospital again. Not very happy with him right now, because it could have been prevented! I guess my date night will consist of my kitties and computer Smile

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Enjoy Hangover 2, I hear it's very funny!

I bet you're super excited (albeit nervous) about the girls coming home!!! Smile

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We have Grace, so our last date night with no kids was dinner and a movie before she was born, but this time we got netflix - haha - grandparents and friends are great for giving us breaks, but we know with 3, it will probably be harder to get away, so our date nights will probably be more along the lines of order in and watch a movie for a little while Smile

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We have a weekly date night, my DH's parents take our DD every Thursday night so we can go out, which has been a huge blessing. Last week we went to Olive Garden, we had a gift cert. It was a nice time. If we get to go out again this week, I am not sure what we'll do, but who knows if that will happen... Smile Date nights are great! Also, Ashlee and Mandy, how exciting about kiddos coming home!!!

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Since this is number 2, we didn't get a date night before. We did a family date night and went to dinner, the three of us. I can't remember what we did before Dylan was born. We are going to try to be better about having more date nights now that we have two. We were not good about it after Dylan. My dad had a stroke about 6 months after Dylan was born so my mom has her hands full taking care of him. She does take Dylan for us, but I feel bad asking and don't like to go for too long. Now that there are two, I really don't want to ask. But, we hired a sitter for the baby so we will have her to watch both kiddos while we go out. Our goal is to do once a month date nights. DH works Fridays and Saturdays though so it makes it kind of hard.

So excited for you guys to bring your kids home! Katie - that is awesome that you have date night once a week!