A little slow.

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A little slow.

Ha...I FINALLY pulled out the bassinet from the attic (on the 3rd floor) I kept dreading it, like it was some huge difficult task, but in reality, it was probably one of the easiest things I've done to get ready for baby, lol. Ahhh, I'm such a slacker. Well, now that that's done, I'm officially "ready" for Grace to arrive. Hehehe. I seriously have no motivation for anything anymore.

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Sometimes the idea of doing something is so much worse than actually just doing it! I understand. I am way behind you, though, I have to say. I haven't washed any of the baby's clothes yet, or gotten the nursery closet organized. It's kind of a mess. I started working on it yesterday, but as I still have bronchitis, I can only do a little at a time.

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Hmmm that reminds me that I need to get our pack and play set up in the bedroom. We did that for DS #1 and it worked out great.

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lol, I haven't done anything yet!!!

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I am with Jessica! I haven't done anything! I had my baby shower last night, so I am hoping to get motivated. But my problem is that I have so much to do before I can even start working on Tanner's stuff. Like my mountains of endless laundry. I cannot even think of washing his stuff til I get some of it toned down!!

I am having contractions and just general pain from where he is laying low on me now tho, so I am finding it hard to do anything but bounce on my exercise ball!!!

I am glad you got her bassinet down Jenn! Smile I wish I could feel "ready"!!! Blum 3

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Another who hasn't done anything yet!! We still have guests for the next two weekends, and the guest room will eventually be the baby's room. So, I'm in limbo waiting for people to come and go!

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I'll try to make you all feel better - haha - my boys are here, and I'm still not done!! I got my staples out yesterday so I have to buckle down and get things finished and put away!

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I still have to go buy one! I borrowed one last time around, but I want to get a co-sleeper this time and haven't been able to find one except going to buy it. I have been stalling, but will get it by this weekend. Already told DH that is a priority for the weekend.