Memorial Day?

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Memorial Day?

I know we're all busy preparing for babies or caring for new arrivals, but does anyone have any actual Memorial Day plans?

I'll have to live vicariously through anyone who does have plans - things have been hectic here - my husband is on call and has been working around the clock. This has him home only long enough to sleep before going back to work and leaves me with Grace and the babies 24/7... I can't even explain how exhausted I am!! My only plan for today and tomorrow is to sleep as much as I can - haha :sleep:

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Monday's are my normal day off, so I'll just be taking advantage of not having to make three trips to my sons' school (drop off at 9AM, back to pick up my kindergardner at 1130AM, then back to get my eldest at 3PM!) by doing some spring cleaning in my house!

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My mom is coming at 10am to take me to the hospital and visit Jacob. I am hoping she gets to feed and hold him today, because I know she wants to very badly. The boys left at 7:15 to watch a Memorial Day Parade and have breakfast at the fire station that my father in law used to work at. Niko will get to meet Jake for the first time today. He was very excited when I told him. Niko has been so good with the whole thing!

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Nothing planned here either. I am still hurting pretty badly from the c-section so getting around is not so easy for me yet. We will just hang out as a family here and maybe throw some burgers on the grill. Just enjoying the family time since we don't usually get much of it with our schedules.