OB appointment

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OB appointment

I will have a baby this month!

At the ob the doctor said things hurt because I'm old and fat. I don't know why I like him so much!!!! DH says I respect people who are mean to me lol.
The baby's making it's way out. It's in the right positions, -2, 1 cm, 40% effaced. He did a membrane sweep, but I barely felt it so I don't think he tried very hard! He'll do that again next wednesday and then scheduled me to be induced on the 28th. It totally freaks me out. I really hope I go before then, but I really can't go past then because my mom leaves around the 30th and our good friend's are going to Virginia for leave. We'd have absolutely no one to take the girls because the rest of the band would be on leave too. Plus at this point I'm only mildly more scared of pitocin then of keeping this thing inside me for 3 more weeks... by the 28th I might be turned around on that!

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how exciting!! You'll have a baby in the next 12 days!!! I'm hoping i'll be having a baby in the next week or so too! Smile

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Sounds promising! I hope all three of us will be having babies in the next 12 days, ladies . . . and anyone else who is still waiting Smile

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Your update totally cracked me up!! I am glad things are kind of progressing Smile

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Lol - I probably would have hit my doc if that was said! Sounds like things are on their way - I'm totally looking forward to the next round of birth stories!!

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Yay and congrats on a good appt (minus the rude OB comment!)! Don't worry if you have to be induced... it's not that bad. I was induced with babies #2 and 3... and IMO my first baby was 10x worse (maybe because I had him au naturale? lol). Good luck either way, I'll be on the look out for your birth story, hopefully sooner than later! That's the reason I lurk here, I love reading about all of your new babies!

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Good luck! I hope baby comes on its own well before the 28th!