The OB Nurse

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The OB Nurse

Ok, Maybe it is my ragging hormones but I personally hate my OBGYN's OB Triage Nurse. Got a beautiful BFP this morning!!!! (By the way :p) So I called the OB office to see if I could get some confirmation blood work drawn since I had a chemical two months ago. She calls me back to tell me that it is too early, I could still have a mischarriage and she does not feel like the blood work will confirm anything that a HPT has not told me. I want to cry. I love my OB but this woman (nurse) seriously makes you feel like a mental patient. She said she would ask my OB and give me a call back. There are only two choices for OBGYN practices in this city and I am really considering going to the other although I hate male doctors. I haven't told DH yet because I am hoping to surprise him at dinner in Vegas next weekend. But this emotional rollar coaster is killing me already. I got a BFP with dark lines a FRER test, my period is actually due today, I have an awful headache and bad nausea. Shouldn't this be a happy time??? Grrrr....

Oh yeah, Due date would be 5/31/2011.

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I'm sorry that you are having to deal with the heffer of a nurse!!!! I think that if it were me I would say something to the office manager if she is being rude! At any rate I wanted to wish you a great big CONGRATS on your BFP Yahoo and I hope you get in for you bloodwork very soon!!!


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First of all, CONGRATS on your BFP!! :jumpingbeans:

But bummer that your OB nurse treated you so negatively!! Hopefully she'll call you back soon to let you know you can go in for a blood draw!

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Sorry the nurse is being difficult, but congrats on your BFP!!!

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Thanks ladies! My mom told me to talk one on one with my OB next chance I get which I plan to do....It would be alot easier if I told DH but I kind of want to wait it out a little longer:-)

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I'm sorry she was so rude. It could definitely have been put differently!

I have never had my blood work done for beta's except to confirm a m/c. When I was preggo with DS#4 they did a quant but it was just once and in the whole work up. Sometimes I think that beta's jut give us one more thing to obsess about. And I do understand where you are coming from. After my loss, I was petrified of it happening again. I just had to have faith that this time was different.

Definitely talk to the OB about what you want and how the nurse talked to you. The OB may not even know the nurse is speaking to patients like that.

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Sorry the nurse is such a (you know what)!!!! Don't let her ruin your joy!

CONGRATS!!! Forget her and celebrate! If you REALLY want the test done... As that the DR herself call you back!!!!!

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CONGRATS - how exciting! HH9M!

Don't let the nurse get you down.

I agree with your mom. Talk to the Dr one on one. She has a reputation that her nurse is impacting. She will want to know.

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YAAAAYYYYY!!!! for your BFP!!!!!!!! :thewave: Maybe you can call back and ask to speak to someone else?

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Congrats on your BFP!! I can't stand one of the triage nurses in my ob's office I just call and ask for the other one! (the receptionist even asked me once if I was returning her call, so I just said yes!) Wink

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Congrats on your BFP! Last time I went to my OB, the nurse was sooo bad. She was really rude. If she gets me in the right mood, I will say something. I am sorry, she is a :witch:

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COngrats on your BFP

Sorry Your starting off with problems.
Do whats best change Doc if you have to ..

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Yay 3rd BFP for June, Congrats!!!

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Sorry she gave you a hard time. I hope you can get the blood test.
Congratulations!!!! :wootjump:

(PS: Would love to see a pic of that pretty BFP :D)

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Congrats on your BFP! Yahoo I hope that you can have a nice chat with your OB and get things sorted out.

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Congrats on your BFP!!!! I'm sorry about your nurse. I know after a loss it can make you SUPER nervous the next time, so the nurse should understand that.

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OMG I just had this same experience today. with Wilmington Health triage nurse was so rude and try to make me feel like such a ****** for being nervous after a chemical pregnancy and finally having a BFP. I asked to have blood drawn and she said she would have to check with the Dr. I got it done but they never called with the results I go back on Thursday. I am also considering changing practices but I am a nurse at the Hospital and this group of Dr came highly recommended from a L&D nurse that I trust I'm so torn. Planning on having a conversation when I finally see the Dr.
This is not my first sour experience here at this office when I had my chemical pregnancy the nurse was very rude and was talking down to me until I blurted out I understand I'm a nurse!