The Pep talk ... from a lurker

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The Pep talk ... from a lurker

Okay so this is my 3rd pregnancy and I am reallly over being pregnant. HOWEVER, my dr gave me "the talk" yesterday so I thought I'd share it.

He reminded me, especially because I am done after this one, that I am going to miss parts of being pregnant. This is such a special time and we are all so fortunate to be able to do this. He also reminded me that everything in life that is worth anything comes with hard work. Pregnancy is no different.

Sooooo, as some of you near the end of your pregnancies, try your very hardest to enjoy it as you never know if this may be your last! Enjoy the hospital, enjoy the craziness of breast feeding and infancy as it goes so very, very fast. And remember that every time you seriously think you can't handle it one more minute, it passes and your babies are headed to kindergarten, or 8th grade or high school!!

Okay that's my cheesy post for the day. Have a great one. Biggrin

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Thank you Smile

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Very nice!!

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SOOOO True!!

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Absolutely! Smile

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Agreed! Thanks for the reminder- I'll be thinking about this at 3:00 am when Gracie is up for the 4th time and wide awake- when all I want to do is sleep, lol. It really is true though.

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I doubt I'll miss being pregnant. I barely liked my first pregnancy! The third one sure is trying huh?!

I can't wait for the hospital stay though! I love being there; it's such a special time. I'm also excited for the newborn stage Smile My second was so much easier because I stopped worrying about doing everything right lol.

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Great pep talk Smile

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I agree with all of that but I would have poo-pood it coming from a man LMAO! I really hate it when male dr.s (this is why I don't have one) try and give you that talk or explain what labor is going to feel like! Are you kidding me? It sounds all fine and dandy in that textbook that you read, Doc, but try actually doing it!