A Rant just a little irritated sorry

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A Rant just a little irritated sorry

So I understand this is my 4th child, I didn't want to have another baby shower. A close friend really wanted to throw a shower for me so I caved and just told her that if anything it could just be a diaper party because I was fortune it enough to have another close friend give me a ton of baby girl stuff before we even knew it was a girl. I have had 2 other showers one for my oldest and one for my DS 2, they were both horrible, my host never showed for the first and my sil threw my second one and it ended up being a bbq where everyone she invited ended up getting drunk! The people that were there for me I ended up giving the ok to so they could drink too since there was nothing else going on! Needless to say I have never had a good baby shower....Now after my friend finally talked me into this, I'm getting irritated with her maybe I shouldn't be but I am. The shower is this coming Saturday and come to find out she hasn't even given out any of the invitations instead she called me to come get them late last night to hand out myself. I don't mind helping but now this is less than a weeks notice! It just worries me that this one is going to fall apart like the others have and I just don't have any patience right now! UGH! sorry ladies

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Aww Crystal, how terrible! I hope it turns out better than the others!! I would bug her to make sure it didnt turn out sucky, even if I had to basically do it all myself! But maybe I am weird!

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Oh no. I'm sorry. Maybe you should have a talk with her about the first two and tell her that you are nervous because of that and maybe this is too much for her, or too late notice for people to make it, though you really appreciate her efforts and see what she says.

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Thats why I am being involved in mine! I would honestly hate a surprise shower where I didnt get to pick the food/decorations/guests/activities etc... I feel for you, I would be irritated too. It wouldnt be out of line for you to cancel it, especially because she JUST told you to give the invitations out lats night!