Scare last weekend

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Scare last weekend

So I hope I totally overreacted, but on Sunday I was feeding Caden. DH was taking a nap and Dylan was playing. All of a sudden Caden started shaking. He has done this before and it always struck me odd, but it only lasted a few seconds. This time it lasted 10-15 seconds. He kept on eating while it was happening. His eyes were closed before and stayed closed and after he finished eating he fell asleep for 10-15 minutes. I sat there getting worried. The cardiologist asked me last month if he had had any seizures because they were just making sure there were no issues since he has a VSD (hole in his heart). That was in my head and I called my Ped. The nurse called me back and said to take him to the hospital. I did and they checked him out, said he seemed fine, all his numbers like blood pressure, temp, pulse, oxygen levels were all good. The ER doc said it was questionable whether it was a seizure or not and wanted to call neuro. They said since he was stable to send him home and call for an appointment so they can do an EEG on his brain in the office. I called the next day and was told they don't have an appointment until January and there are 85 people on the wait list. I went crazy. Why would they send me home and tell me to make an appointment if they couldn't see me for three months? Now they are working to try to get me in but said I won't hear anything until next week.

So, have any of you seen your LOs shake? His whole body was shaking, but not violently. It was really strange. He actually was doing it again on Thursday night, while feeding again, but only his head was shaking that time and it was only a few seconds. Any other thoughts on what that might be? I am trying not to worry, but it is freaking me out a little. He seems totally fine otherwise.

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I'm so sorry to hear that. No, Adrian has never done that. I would freak out too Sad
That's ridiculous that it's a 3 month wait! They should put babies at the TOP of the list!

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Oh wow Caitlin, I definitely do not think you over-reacted. It does sound like a seizure to me... but I know sometimes seizures are a harmless part of the growth of the brain (or at least this is what I have been told) I hate dr offices that say they can't get you in for three months. Really? Then the dr needs to stay an hour later everyday and not golf as much. Or all his new patients need referred to someone else!! grrrr


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I have actually seen Kourtney do that but have never mentioned it to anyone because I wasn't sure what it was. It was while she was eating, she didn't stop eating, and it lasted maybe 5 seconds. But I guess I didn't think anything of it because she didn't seem affected by it and because sometimes she shakes her head like that when she is fighting her sleep. And it was only her head, not her whole body like you are describing. I hope they can get you in sooner than 3 months! Glad he seems fine otherwise though!