So emotional :( Annoyed by SIL... VENT!

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So emotional :( Annoyed by SIL... VENT!

I have been so emotional these past 3 days. I am fine a lot of the day and then boom, I just get really angry at something DH says and I freak out. Then if it turns into a fight I just start balling my eyes out because I feel like he is just being too mean. Then I realize it’s my fault and I’m just being an emotional pregnant b****. I can go from super happy, to super sad or mad. I cry at a pin drop and when I cry, I cry hard and all I want is to be left alone so I can cry and when I tell DH to leave me alone, and when he does, I feel like he doesn’t care. Ugh this is terrible.

AND to just make things perfect yesterday him and I went over to his parents house and his sister(Irene/my sister in law) was up my butt. (We have gotten in disagreements before so this wasn’t anything new, but I’m so sick of it)

So we go over there and his sister of course goes straight for my belly… I’ve been verryyy nice about people touching my belly because my in-laws just love it, but honestly I’m done with all the belly rubbing, so I grabbed her hand and playfully said I was done with the belly touching. I was nice about it and we both laughed. The end. Well apparently it wasn’t the end. We started watching a movie about a woman who manipulates her children and she was just crazy in the head(there’s lifetime for ya). And Irene just kept making all these little negative comments to obviously offend me. Like she thinks I’m stupid that I won’t notice… Let me start by saying yes I’m young (I turn 20 in july and I am married and pregnant) but it’s my life and my decision, I have been with DH since I was 14. But she just kept commenting on the movie- things like “This crazy woman is too insecure to be without children what a crazy b…..)” or just negative things about our friend Kristina who got pregnant at 17 and she’s due in July. Like basically talking crap about her, but trying to offend me indirectly. And she randomly brings up something out of the blue- “the other day I was at a BBQ and this guy asked me what was up with everyone getting pregnant and I was like I don’t know do you think I’m the expert on this?” I’m just thinking really Irene? Like if you’re pissed because I took your hand off my belly just effing say it. There is more but I don’t want to blabber on about something you guys wouldn’t really understand.
So I just leave the room. I don’t even say anything because I don’t want to stress DH out. Well I’m obviously pissed so he asks me whats wrong and I told him. I didn’t want to make us leave because he was working on something with his dad but he insisted so we left. He told his dad what was happening and his dad said just leave because I didn’t need that kind of stress at 8 months pregnant.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHH Thanks for letting me vent ladies.

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Sorry you are having a rough time. If it were me, I would have just said something directly to her to call her out. People like that usually stop when you say something like "Is there something you are trying to say to me?" Not in a nasty way, just matter of fact. They often feel stupid and stop. Or, they will respond, but then at least you get things out on the table.

Try to take a deep breath and figure out what you are really pissed off about before you respond to things when you get angry at DH. I think we are all a little edgy and tired and uncomfortable right now. Just keep your eye on yourself after the baby to make sure you aren't having any issues to worry about, like PPD. And if you are, mention them to your doctor ASAP! We are almost at the end! Hope you feel better soon!

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I have been getting angry really easily too, Alyssa. It is really hard to deal with people who are TRYING to make you mad, even when you are not emotional and prego!

Vent away, I think it helps. There is nothing wrong with being pregnant and only 20. I was pregnant at 20 with my first (had her at 21) and I have never regretted it! My kids are the best things that have ever happened to me! And I know I am not perfect, never have been the perfect parent, but I try my hardest, and I care about my kids and try to do what is best for them, and that is all you can ask of any parent.

You will be a great mom! Biggrin