So Excited!

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So Excited!

Today my new appliances are being delivered!!! I'm getting a new stove/oven (with convection-wohoooo!) and new dishwasher!!! I am not sure which one I'm more excited about...I haven't been able to cook a decent meal since moving into this house (almost a year ago) b/c our stove/oven that came with the house was circa 1950 and tiny!!! It's also an electric range and I much prefer gas. My hands will be SO thankful once my dishwasher is installed...they are so incredibly itchy and cracked from constantly doing dishes. I am just too excited! My kitchen is currently a disaster (we're remodeling) but at least it'll be a little more functional!

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That is awesome! I can't imagine living without my dishwasher, though I have had apartments in the past without them.

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Thats great! Dishwashers are a lifesaver! Theres nothing I hate more than washing dishes, except for maybe folding laundry. Im excited for you! Its always fun getting new appliances! lol

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I long for a dishwasher....DH says we already have one: me. :mad::p


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I have a dishwasher and don't use it!! lol But I know most people love them Smile YAYYY for getting new appliances, and remodeling!!!

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SO JEALOUS - haha! I've been hinting/complaining/saying that we need a new dishwasher for the longest time! Once you get everything installed (after you post pics, of course), you'll need to treat your poor hands to a manicure!