Still only 1 cm, might be induced, no more than 2 weeks!

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Still only 1 cm, might be induced, no more than 2 weeks!

Still only 1 cm dilated -_-
This heat is killing me, it was 106 yesterday and 103 today. :angry4: Can you say scorching?
And it only feels like 20 degrees hotter to a pregnant woman!
Well anyways, Dr says she thinks I will probably go all the way to my due date(28th), or very close to it. If I havent gone into labor by that week, she will induce me before the holiday weekend. Most likely that Tuesday-28th or Wednesday-29th.
Positive side is probably no more than 2 weeks till I get to meet my little guy!

I'm kinda afraid of being induced though Sad I dont want something to go wrong.
Can you guys share your experiences with me if you have been induced? Was it great? Did it suck? Did you end up having a c-sec?

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**Lurker from July baby is due July 2nd**

You asked for experiences with being induced.
My first came 10 days late (I was scheduled to be induced 11 days late). I have been so grateful he came on his own even though it was so far past my due date and the labor was hard.

My #2-4 I was induced anywhere between 3-5 days late.
The first two inducements went great! Seriously loved them. But I was already dilated to nearly a 3 and almost all the way effaced. The third inducement I was not changed at all and by the time I was ready to push we found out she was breach and I ended up with a c-section.

With this baby I have been doing a LOT of research and am planning on a VBAC....that means I'm steering clear of any inducement...because the risks of have a c-section go up significantly once you are induced.

I think the biggest thing is if your body is ready or not. And with a first baby I'd be that much more cautious just because a c-section with that one makes a lot of doctors less willing to go with a VBAC on future ones...even if it means an extra week of being pregnant...(which we all know is no fun at all!)

Hoping your baby just comes soon and you don't have to worry about inducement at all! Good luck these next couple of weeks!!!

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I was induced with my first. I labored all day and got stuck at 4cm. After hours of sitting there, the doctor said his head was starting to swell from trying to force his way out and he had to go in and get him. When he went in, he found the cord was around his shoulders so he wasn't going to come out on his own anyway. The induced labor really wasn't a problem for me, though I did get an epidural. It just sucked to labor all day and still end up with a c-section. I was hoping to avoid that with my second since he was a scheduled c-section and then I ended up going into labor that day anyway, so I still labored for a few hours before I had the c-section.

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I lurk from July too.

My first was a c-section baby (he was coming out forhead first and OP and babies can't be born that way) I would do anything to avoid that risk including induction. My c-section recovery took a full 6 months before I was back to 100%, I had issues with other risks of surgery like a bowel obstruction caused from the surgery and anxiody. I also had issues bonding with him because it is just strange to be told "here's your baby" and you did not feel like you gave birth but like they took him out. (maybe that was just me)

My 2nd I wanted a VBAC I fought for it and had to change Dr.s she was born vaginaly in 3 hours and it was amazing but she was 8 days late because I refused to be induced, but they where talking about doing it on day 10 and I would have went in, because I did not trust myself to have a VBAC as much as I wanted one. (I had an orgasmic birth with her and we bonded so well)

My 3rd was also a VBAC and 7 days late (no induction) they wanted to do it when I was 10 days late but I was ready to fight that even and go for NST and BPP US every other day if I had too and as long as he was healthy I was not going to go in for the induction date, because I trusted myself to have him. Problem was after he was born (natural delivery no drugs) his cord had been around his neck and while it never caused him any distress it did cause the placenta to detach from my wall as he was comming down and I started to bleed. I had bleeding for 3 hours and it took PIT (same drug they use to induce) for them to stop it. Let me tell you after having him and going all the way to birth with out PIT and then getting it OMG!!!! I had strong painful contractions for 3 hours after my baby was born and I was pissed, I did get drugs for that BTW but they did not help 100% with the pain.

PIT is so much worse as far as pain then natural contractions even when I was 10cm. I can not even think of how anyone would be induced without drugs and this is comming from someone who has had 2 natual drug free births. Since you can't walk around on drugs and that makes the labor longer and harder on you and baby the risk of c-section/intervention will go up.

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I was induced with babies #2 and 3:

Baby #2: I went in for my OB appt at 39 wks 3 days, and I was dialated to 5CM. I wasn't having any contractions or anything, so the OB sent me straight over to the hospital. He was afraid that if my water broke at home or I started having contractions that I wouldn't be able to make it to the hospital in time. I ended up having to go home anyway because there were no birthing rooms open at the hospital. Obviously they told me to come back if anything changed during the night. Nothing did, and I showed up at 7AM to be induced. No changes at all until around 11AM when they finally broke my water, I got the epidural about an hour later, and he was out at 4:39PM!

Baby #3: I was induced at exactly 39 weeks because of the intense pressure that DD was putting on my pelvic area. I couldn't walk around for more than 5 minutes without being in severe pain, like she was going to literally fall out of me. Same story as before... I think I was dialted to 3CM when I arrived at the hospital, they started the pit, but nothing happened until around 12PM when they finally broke my water (I had to have my water broken with all of my babies). I hung on for another hour, got the epi, and out she came after just two pushes at 3:38 PM!

Honestly my labor was much worse with my first baby, as I did it naturally, it lasted about 12 hours, and I had horrible back labor as well. I welcomed both of the inductions... and epidurals lol! Good luck!

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I was induced with all four of my girlies, and I never had to have a c-sec (although they almost did the first time!)

I didn't find it too different from going naturally, except it was hard from the beginning (like there was no transition from easier to harder, just boom! lol) and the labors were longer.

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I was induced with my DD at 40w1d because of pre-e & wasn't even a full 1 cm dilated, "thick" (my OB doesn't give effacement % or anything) and her head was "floating". He told me there was a decent chance the induction wouldn't be successful since my body clearly wasn't ready to be in labor yet & I'd end up a c-section, but 14 hours after they started me, including 1 hr of pushing, my little girl was born vaginally. So you never know. The hardest part was the waiting...the first few hours for me were BORING and then I had a failed epidural (ended up getting another one hours later but that's another story). But overall I had a good experience.

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I was "induced" with DD2 at 38.5 weeks. I was already 2cm dilated, soft and head engaged so my body was already prepping for labour so OB was pretty sure all it would take was to break my waters and i'd go into labour (I REALLY didn't want to end up with the drip). He broke my waters at 9am, I was in established labour at 12pm and she was born at 3pm. Smile