Teething already?

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Teething already?

My girls have been sooooo fussy lately and I am going crazy! Could they be teething? They have been drooling-while not tons but more than usual-and always they put everything they can get their hands on in their mouths. No fever or diarrhea though. Could it be? BTDT moms-when did your LO's get their teeth? I also don't know if it is even reasonable to assume this since they were born so earlybut they are 6 months actual and almost 3 months adjusted. What do you think?

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They definitely could be getting teeth! I know my kids started teething about a month before their teeth popped through!!

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Definitely possible! Gracie has been the same way and that's what I was figuring too... my d/s Cash was an early teether- he got his first tooth in around 3 1/2 months.

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Definitely could be - the teeth start moving under the gums, sometimes for a long time, before they break through. Grace wasn't a super early teether (as far as when the tooth broke though) but she definitely had symptoms long before we saw the tooth. Ian is a MEGA drooler and is always chewing on things - I think he's working on a tooth too.

How does that work with the adjusted age? Even though they are 6 months old (from when they were born), do you measure/expect milestones to be more in line with their adjusted age?

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I have been thinking the same thing about Caden for 3 weeks now. No tooth still, but drooly and chewing on his hands like crazy. Dylan didn't get his first one until 5 1/2 months,but had them all by about a year.

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My first two girls weren't early teethers (DD1 at 7 months and DD2 at 8 months) but I do recall that with all their teeth, they had the worst teething symptoms well before the tooth started to break through, sometimes for a month or two beforehand. Not looking forward to teething again!!

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I dunno, it's definitely possible. Lately I am wondering if Sammy will get an early tooth because he's been more fussy lately, and drooly.