Tight for money, but good news.

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Tight for money, but good news.

So we have been VERY tight for money lately. Meaning JUST enough to pay our bills barely on time... And it's hard for us to both work because DH goes to school and I work PT, so when I work, DH watches Adrian, and when DH goes to school, either I watch him, or my omi watches him for a few hours. PT workers at my work can only get 19 hrs a week, and no more. Its just been hard for us.

Anyways... My boss realized that somewhere in the work manuel, it says that PT workers can have a certain amount of hours in a fiscal year, and since I took maternity leave for 10 weeks, I have a bunch of extra hours I can put in!!! So I just feel like God was thinking of us, and made my boss realize this at the right time. Smile I just feel blessed that I can get a good 4-5 more hours a week for a while now while were in this tough spot. Its not much, but it will help. Just thought I'd share my recent little good news.

How's money working out for you girls & your families in this tough economy? If you dont mind sharing.

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Well, we have been married for 18 years, have had children for 16, and I have only had to work three temporary jobs plus the occasional spurt of babysitting for money since the kids were born...

And that has all been in the past 8 years.

We are just now finally getting caught back up on bills from where Kevin had back surgery right before I had Tanner. (He was off work for almost four months!) And I am not planning on going back to work anytime soon Blum 3

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We're doing OK. I can't complain. Only hubby works (I worked PT as an admin assistant until the week before Tommy was born). We watch the budget very carefully; DH has always been super frugal and some of that has rubbed off on me.

We don't have too many expenses--normal bills of course, a mortgage (refinanced that the week after Tommy was born), my school loans. Our cell phone bills are fairly cheap since we're old fashioned and don't use smart phones. I try to buy just what we need at the grocery store and try and buy enough to last two weeks; I also go to Aldi's a lot because they are MUCH cheaper than any other grocery store.

Sometimes I miss getting out and making money, although the job I had wasn't that great Blum 3 But it helped give us a little extra spending money for vacations and such. We only take out a certain amount of money from the bank per week and try to stick to that instead of using the debit card. It's easier to spend the money when you don't see it leaving your wallet Blum 3

Anyway, we've been pretty blessed so I really cannot complain. I am very thankful for all we've been given!