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A TMI Vent

Ladies, can I whine a little bit?? Last night had to be the worst EVER. Contractions from 11 until this morning. Talk about painful. I told DH if this were my first child we would be sitting in L&D thinking I was going into labor at that very moment. I am so miserable and everything hurts. There is no way in H*LL I am going to make it until May 31st. They induced me with DS#1 12 days early with low fluid levels and old looking placenta, but this time around I have had to do alot of jumping around from physician to physician because my primary OB's schedule is so booked so I have no idea what is going on really. Sucks...Oh yeah, and last few check by OB this one is breech. I actually think he is laying sideways. Haven't had an ultrasound since 20 weeks. They said they would do another confirmation on everything since he was in the 90th percentile at 20 weeks but the anticipation is killing me. Any ideas how I can sucker them into giving me one on Wednesday when I go for my 34 week checkup???? Did I mention a glob of clear discharge came out of me this morning? Alot more then the usual. I dont remember losing my mucus plug with DS #1 but wouldn't this be too early anyways? My vagina hurts Sad

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I'm sorry you are in so much pain Sad It sounds like your body is preparing for labor, but it is kinda scary if baby is sideways. I would say that may be the cause of most of your pain Sad I think if you mention that they should give you and u/s!!!!!! I hope you feel better and KUP!

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Sounds rough. I am sorry. Have you considered chiropractic to try to get the baby to turn to a good birth position? It can help. I am not sure about signs of early labor, I've never had any. Hopefully they will listen to your concerns at your next appt and give you some insight.

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I would tell them about all the contractions, that might get them to do the u/s to check on the baby. Sorry you are having a rough time. I have been having a ton of contractions lately too so I empathize!

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Ugh. Sorry things are so rough. I can relate. I would definitely mention the contrax. to your Dr. - they may want to do the u/s earlier. As for the m.p.- I wouldn't worry about it. I lost parts of mine at 27 weeks and am still loosing bits and pieces. I've even had a bit of spotting with it, but my Dr. said it really isn't a good indication of labor, and it will probably re-grow. You may just be dilating a little. I know I'm 1 cm, so, probably why I'm seeing some m.p. here and there. There's still time for your LO to turn, too- don't loose hope! Hang in there...I'm totally ready to be done too.

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You poor thing I feel for you I'm having contractions too but they don't hurt, Though I wish my hips and pubic bone would stop hurting for at least one night. I would defiantly tell your doc about them though, when I did she sent me straight to l&d for some monitoring. Good luck I hope you get some kind of relief soon if not for just a break. KUP!