Today would have been the day..........

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Today would have been the day..........

For Jacob's scheduled c-section. For some reason, I thought about it all day Smile Nothing has been scheduled or planned with this child Smile


Jake is doing okay. He was a mess when he first went into the NICU. He was on Oxygen, IV put into his head, wires everywhere, a tube down his throat. They were talking about a feeding tube, central line. I was also a complete mess, and still am Smile

Today, I talked to the doctor. He said it might be less than three weeks for coming home. He has no more oxygen, the tube down his throat is gone. He still has the IV, but that might come out tomorrow. He is in a incubator to keep his body temp regulated. His feedings increase everyday. He is at 30 CCs. He started at 3 CCs. We are striving, and I can't wait for him to come home so the sleepless nights can begin!!

Oh, for some reason, his platelet count is really low. 20,000 is low - and he was at 19,000. He had to have a platelet transfusion on Sunday night. He is not actively bleeding anywhere, so they might just refer us to a hematologist. There two thoughts to this problem. He stopped growing inside me - it might have been the platelets, and our counts did not match, which means if we were trying for #3, it might not be possible. Not too worried about it, because are done!! But, I have two small kids - so I am thinking that might be a possibility. My DH has low platelet count, so Jacob might have inherited it. We are not sure - but a specialist is probably in our future!!

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Glad he's doing better! I hope he can come home soon!!!

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I'm so happy he is doing better. I will keep praying for you guys.

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Wow! It sounds like Jacob has already made a lot of progress from his first day in NICU to now - that's great! I hope the specialist can figure out what is going on with his platelets and he can be home with you SOON!!

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I'm so glad he's doing better! Will keep praying for him and you and your family as well!

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He sounds like a fighter and he seems to be doing great!! What a lot of progress he has made. I know that every time one more tube or wire is taken off his body must be such a relief. I will be thinking of you and can't wait to hear how he is home with you.