Understanding Baby's Body Language! Participants needed!

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Understanding Baby's Body Language! Participants needed!

Are you currently expecting or have a little one 12 weeks or under? Baby Body Language expert, Vivien Sabel, would love to help you gain a better understanding of how your baby communicates from birth and beyond! Vivien will offer you insight into her unique "Blossom Method" (named after her own child) for early communication with your baby.

Currently, Vivien is seeking to connect with expectant parents or those with a newborn (12 weeks or under) throughout the globe. She is working with a major British publishing house to develop her already acclaimed manuscript (by parents and experts throughout the world) further and would love your insight and help!

In return for your willingness to participate, Vivien will provide you with the tools to trial her findings. She will then provide you a brief form to complete and give feedback via quotes that then may be used in the book!

The rewards for participants are many! The greatest? Being able to more quickly determine your newborn's needs (or wants!) will lead to a happier baby and happier you! It will help strengthen your parent/child connection even more... a reward which will last a lifetime!

Get in touch with Vivien through her website today! She will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and then help you get started!