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Hi ladies! I am still here and still waiting. Today I am 41 weeks and 1 day.

We've had a very crazy week. After all the drama of last Friday, with going down to the next state to have the OB turn the baby, I thought we were done with drama. But Monday night my husband's normal cold or upper respiratory infection symptoms turned scary. He couldn't catch a breath easily, so he was breathing very shallow and rapidly, and his face, fingers and feet went numb, and he was crazy dizzy. Plus he has some digestive issues, and when he gets pretty sick, his whole digestive system shuts down, and he has a lot of pain, gas, and nausea. He was dry heaving for over an hour, and so miserable. He could barely speak. Plus he had a climbing fever. At one point after 11pm, he sat up, and was kind of bobbing from side to side like he was going to pass out, and his eyelids were fluttering and he looked at me and said "I need help. 911". Boys howdy! I freaked. I started crying. I got on the phone with a very rude person from 911, and also ran next door and yelled for my BIL to come help me. Then I had to hand my BIL the phone to deal with the dispatcher, because I needed to go throw up, which I did. Sigh.

The ambulance took over 1/2 hour to get to my house. I have since found out that response times aren't usually going to be much better than that as most of the fire and rescues in our county are volunteer, and understaffed. One of the few drawbacks I have found to living rural. So in an ER situation, it is most likely just better for us to drive ourselves there, as we can get there within about 25 to 30 min!

Anyhow, we were at the ER all night, we got home at 8am. My DH had strep throat, which can be very miserable, but is usually not that crazy. We really need to get to the bottom of his digestive issues, because they make illness that much worse. They gave him the shot in the bottom, so he is already way on the mend, and not contagious, and DD and I seem to have avoided getting sick. Woot! And, DH won't be sick by the time baby gets here, even if it's tomorrow. I am VERY relieved about that!

My MIL and I laughed a lot in the ER about the absurdity of everything, including all we have been through since the beginning of May. For instance, have you ever seen the I Love Lucy episode where she goes into labor, and they show the scene where they get to the hospital? Ricky's in a wheelchair being pushed by a nurse, looking very weak and scared, and Lucy comes waddling in after him, very, very pregnant, carrying their bags. Lol! It was like that Monday night. It was good to laugh about things.

I had an appt today with my midwife (rescheduled from yesterday, which I used to sleep!). It was a good appt and encouraging. She did an NST, and the baby is in fine shape. He's head down, still! Woot! Smile He's still a bit high, but lower than he was. He's around -2 station. I am 75% effaced and 2 cm dilated, which is good progress from last Thursday!!! I feel great about that, and think I will probably go into labor in the next few days. I will go in on Friday to have my membranes stripped if necessary, and my midwife may also come to our house Friday evening to do it again. She couldn't today because 2cm isn't quite enough dilation to do that. We also scheduled an u/s for me for Friday, for a Biophysical Profile. Hopefully we can cancel it!

I worked really hard today around the house once I got back from my appt and some shopping. I had some contractions due to the hard work, which I am glad about. I am basically in constant pain now when moving. Mostly pelvic bone pain, but also pressure down there.

This can't last much longer, so I hope to be typing up my birth story for you all next! I am still trying to be active and such to encourage labor, and that leaves me little energy to read and respond to others' posts, but I promise to be more active again once baby is here. I plan to take DD to the pool tomorrow, and my midwife wants me to do squats in the pool, to encourage Sammy to move down. I don't think I can handle normal squats right now, due to all the pain, but I think it will be ok in the water. If I don't have a baby by then, tomorrow DH and I will have our final date night before Sammy arrives, so I hope we feel up to going out. That's all from me. Hope you all are well! I hope those of you waiting for labor get to have your babies very, very soon!!!

Sorry this was so long!

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Oh wow! What a week you have had, I hope baby Sammy makes his appearance soon. I am glad your DH is feeling better. What are we going to do with our men ? Smile

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What a crazy few days youve had!! glad to hear you have made some progress though!! I hope your DH is all better soon...thats no fun! Im soooo glad your baby is head down now Smile Cant wait to hear about him being born!!

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That's a crazy update - your DH's illness sounded scary - I can't believe that didn't put you right into labor! I'm glad he's doing better and you are sounding very positive for being over 40 weeks - I hope your next long post is a great birth story!!

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Just waiting for your birth story... hopefully today was your day!

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OMG, how scary. I totally know the episode you are talking about!! Laughing definitely helps in times like that. I am glad your DH is feeling better. That would freak me out to be so far from help even from 911. We have a volunteer fire department here too, but they seem to get here pretty quickly. Unfortunately, we have had to call them 4 times in the last few years for different family members, so I know.

Well, I am hoping that your post from earlier today and lack of follow up means that you are laboring now or better yet, have the little one in your arms already!