An update on me since I've been so absent

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An update on me since I've been so absent

Hi ladies.

I am so sorry I've been rather absent lately. Because the last part of April and almost all of May were kind of miserable with illness in our house, including the worst URI/ bout of bronchitis I can remember, I have been trying to play catch-up these past few weeks with things that were on my list and really needed doing. I am getting there. The nursery is almost done (may be done as soon as tomorrow) and the house is in pretty good shape and fairly organized. I am feeling more prepared and ready for the baby. I had two friends come over this week to help me, which was SUCH a blessing! The only big project on my list that I still feel I need to somehow accomplish right now is cooking and freezing, and I hope to get some of that done on Monday.

I am not ill anymore, thankfully, and my DD is almost back to 100% after being pretty sick last week. However, my pretty mild and painless hemi has turned into Mr. Painful Pants, and to add to it, I am having increasing pain in my pubic bone, which is making moving about and changing positions very difficult. If it continues to increase in intensity, I am not sure how much walking or moving I will be able to do at all, so if you would pray for me about that, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, the baby is still pretty high and has a long way to descend, according to my midwife whom I saw yesterday. Which I can attest to by the foot in the rib thing that is still happening from time to time, and the heartburn, which has been ugly again as of late. And I'm still throwing up. Oh, the joys, lol!!! REALLY looking forward to having a fairly healthy body back once Sammy is here!!!

I am aware of the baby boom on the board, and congratulate you all!!!! I intend to devote some time, either tomorrow or Sunday, to updating the EDD/arrivals list with the info, and the links to birth stories. I also hope to have time to read through them and add individual congratulations. Just know, I am happy for you new mommas!!!!!!! For those of you still waiting, I am excited with you for the impending arrivals of our little ones!

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Katie, I know you have had such a rough time, and I have been praying for you to feel better!!

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Awww, Katie. I am sorry that you are still getting sick. You have had a rough time this whole pregnancy. I am happy that you are feeling more prepared and that you are getting the sickies out of your house. I know you are looking forward to feeling better and having your body back. I felt the same way!

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Glad to hear you're feeling better!! I'm so excited to hear from you when lo arrives!! I can't believe today is your due date! Smile yay for having an organized house Smile soon we'll be meeting your lo Smile