Update on our girl :-) (v pic heavy)

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Update on our girl :-) (v pic heavy)

Finally, we have our named our new little girl.....introducing Emily Louise! (her middle name is the same as my SIL's whose birthday she shares Lol

She is going really well so far and we are sort of, slowly, settling into life as 5 hahaha! Big sis Lily has been great, really really proud and excited about her new little sis and is constantly asking if she can hold/cuddle her. It is very cute how proud and happy she looks when she's holding her little sis and Emily seems to really enjoy her Lily cuddles too. Smile Transition with Josie has been a bit harder....the poor little chicken is rather confused about it all I think and has been not her normal self. Sad I think it's been a lot for her to take on and she's a bit of a mummy's girl and has really noticed me being more preoccupied with the baby. I'm trying to make more time to hang with her just the two of us while DH is off work as it makes me sad to think that she's feeling a bit displaced. Sad She's been acting up too, which is not normally like her, but i'm really hoping that it's just a phase and she'll settle down soon as she gets used to it all. After a rough few nights in the hospital when Miss Emily would not sleep in the crib and had to be held/cuddled constantly to sleep, she has finally come good and has been napping in her cot and slept in her bed all night last night...hooray! She's a bit jaundice I think, so I'm guessing that's making her extra sleepy so hopefully when she goes back to "normal" her sleeping habits stick!

And here are a few snaps from the last 6 days....(sorry there's lots but DH has been pretty snap happy!)

Here's me in labour exactly 1 hour before she was born and about 20 mins before I got in the birthing pool (yes I know I look too smiley to be in labour, but DH was being like the bloody papparazzi snapping pics left right and centre and snapped this one in between a contraction!)

Me and Emily in the birthing pool - about 30 seconds after she was born (looking like a little purple alien!)

About 20 mins after she was born (the hospital I go to does min 1hr skin to skin contact and first BFing straight after birth)

All 5 of us Smile

Cuddles with my Dad (3 hours old)

Cuddles with big sis Lily (look how proud she is!)

Hanging out with big sis Josie

Sleeping beauty (5 days old) Smile

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Sooooooooo cute!!!! She's a doll!

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Beautiful! I'm worried about the new baby with Elaina too. She's SUCH a mommies girl and she's currently my easy child. I would hate for her to become difficult like Beth because of a new baby!!!

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Thanks for the update! I love all three girls names Smile Nicholas is going through something too, because he is such a mama's boy. It will get better!!

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Congratulations again - she's a little beauty and her name is great!! I think it's so awesome that you have so many pics - good job on your hubby's part. I'm sure your little Josie will come around before too long Smile

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Precious! Congrats!!

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LOVE the pics!!!!! You look so happy Smile And Emily is so darling