Very sensitive eyes?

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Very sensitive eyes?

So Adrian's eyes are VERY sensitive to sunlight.
He absolutely hates the sun and being outside if its too bright, is this normal?
We are on vaca in cali right now and we go to the beach usually but its so hard to take care of him there because he just wants to be under a blanket. Of course we dont have him in the sun, we have a big tent thing but i dont know what to do!
When do their eyes stop being so sensitive? Sad my poor baby.

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I don't know how sensitive is 'normal' or how long it lasts, but all 3 of mine have been like that. Grace was born in December and I put sunglasses on her for her 1st summer because the sun seemed to bright for her. I haven't bought glasses for the boys since they are so young and it's been so hot - they stay in the shade. All 3 kids wear the big, wide brimmed hats outside, which help too. If there are shops near the beach where you are, you could probably find glasses or hats for him. I live near the beach and haven't been there all summer - you're making me think I need to do that! Enjoy your vacation!

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It sounds normal. Mine have been like that too. I would just say hats and glasses if you can get them to stay on would be helpful.

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It's normal. Tommy does that the moment I take him outside--even in the shade. We're supposed to be outside tomorrow for most of the day and I'm gonna have to keep a blanket over the carrier to block it (I don't have sunglasses for him and I don't have time to go pick some up)