Weekend Plans??

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Weekend Plans??

Is anyone else thinking that we've reached the point where a weekend of sitting around with our feet up is about all we want to do??

I'm on spring break, so I'm hoping to get some stuff accomplished around the house BUT I'm also PLANNING on taking a nap every day when Grace does -this weekend and all next week Smile

What's everyone else up to??

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You are so right! It is so hard to get motivated when you are hurting and being uncomfortable - all the time Smile I am also on break this week. My mom is coming over on Monday and we are getting the boys room ready. Nicholas STILL needs to be moved into his big room! This weekend, not too much planned. Nicholas has been in a mood for the past three days. I think it is the cold. He is just being a B-R-A-T. We were supposed to visit one of my friends that had a baby at the end of March, but with the stuffy and runny nose Nicholas has, I will probably wait until next week sometime. Sunday, is Church and sometimes that is all I can handle in one day Smile Have a great weekend!!

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That's all I want to do right now. I even tried to go to bed early last night (early for me is 11 PM, LOL) and that didn't work. I tossed and turned all night because of some more round ligament pain. I HATE it; it keeps me up all night even with a heating pad. I maybe got about 4 or 5 hours. And this is the only day of the week I can sleep in too. Argh. I'd like to at least try and get some sleep before this baby comes!

Anyway I'm thinking today, after my long, warm shower, all I'm gonna want to do is sleep. But I have to get the huge pile of dishes in the sink done first. Blech.

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We've been working around the house today, organizing my DDs old clothes (finally!) clearing out our enclosed porch (aka junk room) and organizing the nursery. Hope we get it done today! DH has been the best help! I have not felt great today, had indigestion this am, and threw up before lunch, but he's been steadily working, while I've worked some and rested lots. Next weekend we plan to reorganize our kitchen which desperately needs it. After that, unless we get to working on our bathrooms before our LO arrives, which I doubt at this point, we'll be pretty ready. I will need to do some more work in the nursery and wash baby clothes and such, but will wait until after the shower on May 1. I am glad to be getting this done today! Off to take some TUMS (heartburn in my ears at the moment) and then to help some more.

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Staying dry! It is down pouring here and has been most of the day Sad This morning DH and I cleaned the downstairs which took a while but was totally worth it because it looks nice here now Smile Then we went to a b-day party with the kids, and just got home.
Tomorrow it is church and then DH has to go into work for a little while so I will be hanging out at home with the kiddos hoping not to go crazy.