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Ok, so, I've noticed something strange. In giving into my constant addiction to eating ice, I've noticed that it gives me b.h. contrax. Is that strange or what? Almost every time I've started eating ice, I notice my stomach hardening. I wonder if it's the baby's reaction to the cold or something which is also triggering a contraction. (?) How weird is that? Has anyone else noticed this? They aren't painful at all so...I'll continue on with my ice munching;)

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I haven't noticed, but now I will pay attention. I was at the doctor today and he reclined me and I got a contraction. He said "Oh, we just gave you a contraction." I get them from anything, it seems. So, I am not surprised about the ice.

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I also get them from pretty much anything. I am loving the ice too, sending DH out to get me more tonight actually. I noticed baby moving down more and causing more contractions when I eat them too. He kicks alot more too. I think it is the cold he is trying to get away from or something and that is causing them.

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Weird! I contract whenever I sit down now. For me I've gotten more bh with each pregnancy. I didn't have any with my first... had them a couple weeks out with my 2nd and have had them irregularly with this one since 18 week!

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I seem to get them pretty constantly now. Even when I cannot feel them, apparently I am having them! My dr and my midwife both said I was having them while they were checking my belly, and I couldn't even feel them.

I was munching ice today but not paying a bit of attn to whether or not I was having contrx or if Tanner was moving more Blum 3