Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - good/not so good

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - good/not so good

Well, I had an appointment yesterday and found out that I spilled some protein into my urine (symptom of pre-e). On top of that, I have developed an itchy belly rash that could also be a bad sign. BUT, my blood pressure is still awesome and I don't have any swelling, so fingers are crossed there. I have taken the day off from work for tomorrow to do a 24 hour urine collection (oh so fun) and took Thursday morning off to have bloodwork done. I FEEL OK, so I'm hoping that all of the testing will come back ok too.
On a good note though - my co-workers threw me a shower after school today and it was really nice! We played some games had some food, and got some great gifts for the boys!
My daughter was a little confused though - her question when I got home was "Why did you take a baby shower at school mommy?" Lol - luckily, after my clumsy explanation of the difference between a shower and a baby shower, she was easily distracted with some leftover cake Smile

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Oh no!!! I hope it turns out to be nothing! Maybe a couple days of resting is what you need(?) Please KUP!
Hoooray for a baby shower! How fun! Kids are so funny aren't they!? I love that Grace was content to ignore your response and just enjoy the cake- too cute!

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Really hope you feel better soon! 24 hour urine collection sounds like oh so much fun, lol! Glad your blood pressure is still good. KUP on how you are doing

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I hope your feelin better today and I hope your 24 hour comes back clean!! I had protein spill over and the 24 hour revealed really good numbers os hopefully itll be the same for you! And yay for a baby shower! Smile Theyre always fun!!

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Yippeee for baby showers!! Hope the 24 urine collection goes well and there is no pre-e!