19 Week Ultrasound!

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19 Week Ultrasound!

I had my anatomy ultrasound yesterday and all went well! I didn't sleep the night before at all, panicking that something would be wrong, but everything looks great with the baby! Happy and healthy in there! yay! Measuring about 4 days ahead of my EDD. Stuck with team green and didn't find out the sex...its gonna be a LONG 20 weeks, but it will be fun at the end...I hope? Not finding out is new for me, found out with the last 2! Smile

Here's a few pics! Thanks for letting me share!
19 Weeks 4 BP3

19 Weeks BP3

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Looks like a beautiful baby! My anatomy u/s is today, and I couldn't sleep all last night for the same reason. I get so nervous! I've been so bent out of shape about finding out the gender, but I'll be so relieved to hear that the baby is healthy, I don't even care anymore about if we see the gender or not (for today anyways :D). I wish I could wait to find out... it would be such a great surprise!

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congrats to a good visit and good pics:)

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Beautiful pics! As someone who has only done team green before, I can't compare, but I have to say, meeting your baby for the first time is AMAZING when it actually happens in person. I think you will love it.

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Great pics!!! Congrats on the healthy baby...and congrats on your super will power!! Finding out in the end will be AWESOME!! Smile