1st appointment

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1st appointment

I'm measuring large my doctor suspects twins so I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound! I'm so nervous and excited. I'm enjoying the thought of twins but scared. Wish they could have fit me in today.

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Oh wow!! Wouldn't that be a trip? Can't wait to find out!

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How exciting! I'll be stalking you tomorrow!

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Ill be watching too! Good luck!

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We need a set of twins on this board! Wink

Good luck! Can't wait to hear the verdict!

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I've also gained 11.5lbs :0

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Oh I can't wait to hear an update!! How exciting!!

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Wow! Maybe twins, Maybe? Do let us know! That would be pretty special.

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Can't wait to hear! Smile

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Can't wait!

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Damn time difference, I am dying to find out if there are two babies in there!!