2 week follow up appointment, etc

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2 week follow up appointment, etc

So I had my 2 week check up today... my blood pressure is perfect at 120/74, which is awesome considering I stopped taking the bp meds days ago because they were giving me massive headaches. My incision is healing well and everything looks good.. I go back in 4 weeks for my final check up and to discuss birth control. I'm still pumping and my boobs hurt almost all the time. I'm not getting a ton of milk, maybe enough for him to eat 5 or 6 times throughout the day, but it is better than nothing and I am okay with it. It doesn't stress me out anymore. I just wish it wasn't so time consuming... I can't see myself keeping it up for much longer just because of the amount of time it takes.

This past weekend I had my baby shower, and it was a good time. I had a few margaritas and got some nice stuff for Lucas. We had a good turn out, mostly family. Now I just need to organize and set things up for him, which is hard since our house is tiny and my daughter has so much crap, haha. Maybe I can start tomorrow since I won't be going in until 3 so DD can see him.

Lucas is doing well still.. he's 4 lbs 10 oz and 18 inches. He is finally showing a little more interest in the bottle.. today I got him to take 36 cc's (a full feed is 40) and then tonight I only got him to take 17 but he was tuckered out. Still better than the 5-10 he was taking for several days. I'm hopeful this is the start of a turn around for him. He also got moved to a sweet private room due to space issues in the NICU so that's really nice.. we can watch TV and sit in a recliner, which is so much more comfortable for us.

So yeah, that's my little update... I can't wait for you girls to start having babies!

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Thanks for the update! Now that he is feeding better...do they think he can come home soon? Im so glad he is doing well and that you are healing too! Your shower sounds great! I totally understand your pumping ....I had the SAME issue. I could pump for an hour and get an ounce of milk! Not fair! Smile Cant wait for you to tell us that your sweet boy is home!

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I hate pumping. I used to tell myself over and over it was my chance to sit down and relax, but it never worked (I think). A margarita sounds really good right now.

Have fun organizing!!!

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That's a pretty good update! Sorry about the pumping though....hopefully it picks up soon. And yay for Lucas growing!!!! I hope you get to bring him home sooner than later.

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Glad to hear your check-up went well! And sounds like Lucas is growing well. I sure hope he can come home soon- he's almost as big as some full term babies would be! He's breathing and stuff fine, right? Just the feeding is the only thing holding him back?

I've never pumped, so I have no reality of how difficult it is... but, I would encourage you to think of just what an amazing irreplaceable gift you are giving him with every pumping session. Your body is making special preemie milk just for him, unlike any other breast milk out there. I think that is pretty amazing.

Glad you had fun at your shower! I'm with Lillie that a margarita sounds pretty darn good right now! I had a virgin strawberry daiquiri on Mother's Day, and it was in a nice fancy glass, but, really... when there is no rum in it, it's just a strawberry smoothie, you know? Wink

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So glad to hear things are going well and that Lucas is doing awesome!! Do they have an estimate in how long you're looking at before you can take him home? I hope he keeps gaining weight and eating well for you so it's sooner rather than later!

I hated pumping, too, so I can totally feel you on this one! I pumped 'round the clock with DS (I would nurse, then pump while DH supplemented) for the first 3 weeks, so I totally understand how time consuming and annoying it is, especially in the middle of the night! Keep at it, mama! You are doing awesome!

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I hope he gets to come home soon- sounds like he's growing great! Thanks to your breastmilk- so keep it up Smile
Also, I'm so happy your blood pressure is down to normal and that you're feeling pretty good these days! I'm envious! Enjoy a margarita or two for me...