23 week appt.

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23 week appt.

Had my 23 week appointment today. All is well with baby.

I'm up 22 lbs total-- these are usually my "big" gain weeks, and I was spot on with a 7 pound gain. I figure I'll gain another 10-12 before the end of this pg. BP is 104/70, typical for me.

Baby is happy in there, kicking & moving. He's head down and has been the last few weeks, though I'm not worried about that at all at this point.

Confirmed that I'll decline the glucose tolerance test. I encourage everyone to research it and decide for themselves, but there is truly no reason to take that test....

I'm still making it to the gym every other day and generally feeling very good.

Have another appointment in 4 weeks and then we go to TWO week appointments. How can this be? OMG.

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congrats...i had a good appt today too. i posted the pics up for everyone. next appt is feb 29th, march 30th then start my biweekly visits too. hooray we are all more than half way!

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Sounds like a great appt!

So, since you decline the glucose (and since I have as well!), what are the signs of GD that we have to otherwise pay attention to? Are they much different than pre-e? Seems like the bad signs in pregnancy are always high BP, headaches, swelling... anything else?

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Yay glad you had a good appointment!

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Sounds like a great appointment. I cannot BELIEVE we are that close to two week appointments.

Do you have some GD testing links you could recommend? I think I'll still do the testing but I would like to read about it. I attended a class last night and the social worker said the most common pregnancy/postpregnancy issue is Postpartum Depression, and not all clinicians test or watch as closely for that, but (almost) all women are tested for Gestational Diabetes, yet it only occurs in something like 2-10% of the pregnancy population. Interesting, I thought.

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Here are some articles about GD testing. Henci Goer is well known in the birth world.

She encourages all women to make informed decisions about their care based on EVIDENCE based medicine.


The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) said in a recent statement to the media that there is not one certain method to be used to effectively screen the pregnant population for gestational diabetes. They do not, however, know what screening is best or agree on when the screening should take place.

Taken from: http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/glucosetolerance/a/gttest.htm

And another Henci Goer article: http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/gdmodent.html

What I like about this article is this emphasis-- that rather than screening/scaring women about GD, we should be offering practical nutrition advice to ALL women, regardless of their "diagnosis" of GD....Essentially that all pregnant women should eat complex carbs, high protein diets and that they should exercise regularly-- but almost no OB's offer any nutrition advice or even ask about levels of physical activity.

Mara-- there are other signs/symptoms of GD. You would spill glucose in your urine and could diagnose with finger prick blood tests at regular intervals over time if you exhibited signs/symptoms (excessive thirst, fatigue, etc.)

Good luck!