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until my NT scan! SOOOO nervous!! I hope I dont pass out during it....my anxiety has been really bad lately...I always feel like Im going to faint when it gets too much! Im not the first one to get this test, am I? Anyways...looking for positive thoughts, prayers...hoping we still have a hb and hoping our results are WNL. I wont get the blood result tomorrow...but they will tell me if the baby measures within normal limits or if we have increased risk of problems based on what they see. Being 38...Im very nervous!!! Ill kup!!

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Mine was supposed to be today but I had to cancel due to the cost. I was super nervous. I hope everything is okay on yours! Deep breaths, deep breaths!

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i scheduled mine today...dec 8th. nervous too but staying optimistic. glad i called to schedule my test, only had a 10 day window left for this screening. i am confident my results will be good as well as everyone elses! good luck!!!

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I am unsure about what the NT scan is. If it's the advanced fetal testing scan, I'm having one on the 13th. I'm just unfamiliar with NT Smile

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Mine is tomorrow too! I have my OB appt. at 10 and then my NT test at 10:15. I'm super nervous, but I will always be nervous for ultrasounds. Last time, the genetic counselor scared the crap out of me because of all my miscarriages and told me I'm at increased risk for a lot of things and tried to push a ton of extra tests on me.. so that's the real reason I'm scared something might be wrong. I remember with DS1, I was so excited... I wish I could go back to being blissfully ignorant about everything.

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Eh-- I opt out of most prenatal testing. The NT scan, especially. For me, it just has too many false positives and wouldn't change the course of my pregnancy anyways....

We'll do a level II ultrasound at 20 weeks to check on development and such-- but I do that mostly bc we plan homebirths and I want to be sure that I'm not putting my infant at risk if they discover something that could be better addressed in a hospital (spina bifida, for example....)

Good luck! Honestly, I am surrounded by women who have their babies at 35+. I work on a university campus and the average mom is nearly 40....lots of these moms like to finish their PhDs and work towards tenure before they make babies. I'm sure your bean is perfect.

Update us when you get your results! Good luck!

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I know my cousin had a false +...its just a screening tool...so you really have to try to keep yourself in check with a +. She went forward with the amnio and then she was super annoyed she ever did the test at all when she got a perfectly normal...but very stressful amnio. I never did this test...until my last baby. Last time....it worked to my advantage...I was able to relax as my result showed a less than 1 in 10,000 chance of ds or other genetic problem. If it should go the other way...Ill have an increased stress level...because I will NOT put the baby at risk with amnio. Ill kup!! Smile

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Good luck, mine is on Friday afternoon. I am 37 so a bit anxious as well, looking forward to good news and maybe a gender Smile

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Hey I think you'll do fine. Try not to worry yet. Until/unless you ever find out otherwise, your baby is happy and healthy in there right?
Good luck! Keep us posted.

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Mine is tomorrow as well! 1230! So excited!!! Can't wait to see clear pictures! I opt for the NT scan to see the baby and check everything out of course (it won't change my decision at all w/ the pregnancy but not going to pass up a chance to see my bean growing again!)
I am sure everything will be great for you!

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I had mine last week- but I more choose to do it because it's my first chance to see my baby, just confirm that the baby is there and ok, versus really being worried about other things.

Good luck with yours! Will be thinking the best thoughts for you!

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Good luck! Keep us posted with an update.

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Good luck! I'm sure all will be fine!! Mine is on Dec. 16th, but I do it just to get another peek at the baby. Wink KUP!!