The 2WW is killing me

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The 2WW is killing me

I'm on CD 22 (had IUI at CD13). Bloodwork booked for the 11th (CD29). This is the last fertility treatment we are having (at this time). I am trying to remain calm and relaxed - until I found out this weekend that my company got bought out... trying to keep stress to a minimum. I've been bawling for the last 2 days, so I'm praying that some of that is hormones Wink

It doesn't help that my SIL is going through a m/c right now either - I've been there twice before and its very hard.... sigh....

:bigarmhug: for everyone!

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Goodness, sorry for all the stress! Sure hope it is hormones making things worse, and very soon you get some lovely lines that will make everything seem better!