3 hour glucose test results...

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3 hour glucose test results...

Apparently I passed with the highest number possible. So they are treating me like I have GD. Which is fine, I dont need to change much. My diet and exercise are on point... I do need to cut down on carbs. I am still worried and anxious.

I see my doctor Tuesday.

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Sorry to hear that. I'd be worried and anxious if I got these results though and I was as healthy as you seem to be... I mean, what can you do to treat things, if you're already doing what you're supposed to be doing? Sorry, don't mean to add fuel to the fire...but, I hope your doc can give you some answers!

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That's exactly what happened to me last pregnancy. And I just found out last week that my numbers are Low this time.. It's weird to me.

The diabetic diet is great. I seriously mean that. I felt so much better following it. Basically you watch your sugars and carbs and eat more frequently. They will teach you what to look for on labels and what is a good number of sugars/ carbs for an item to have.
You will likely have to test your sugars when you wake up, an hour after breakfast, after lunch and before bed. That part isn't fun but you do get used to it. I still do it occasionally to monitor my blood sugar.

Good luck with your appointment.

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Im sure its going to be a tweak of the diet as pp says. If it means a more healthy size baby (for delivery) and no issues with baby's sugar levels (baby's born to diabetic moms can have big drops in their sugar when the are born and have to be treated for that) then I think following the diet is great! Heck...sometimes I feel like following the diet just to try to ensure a 7- 8 pound baby instead of a 9-10 pound baby! But...thats just me! Smile Try not to get upset or anxious...Im sure it will not be a huge diet change for you and everything will be ok!! Smile ((HUGS))

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Bummer. Funny that they don't even adhere to the numbers they set themselves-- I mean you passed. A high pass, but a pass in their book.

That said, the GD diet is good for everyone to follow. The only thing I'd worry about is near the end of your pregnancy, you don't want them using GD as an excuse to induce or section you.....especially if you are monitoring your sugars and can prove that you've managed them well.

Good luck!

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I think following the diet will be good also. I have done some research.. I dont need to change much. I'll let you know what the Dr says Tuesday, I am anxious for that. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!