32 Week Appointment

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32 Week Appointment

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday, a few days early. They wanted to do a growth ultrasound to check fluid levels, placenta, and cord function. DD has some issues with the placenta and cord that we found out about after birth, so I was glad to have the extra reassurance.

Baby is still a boy and was not shy at all on showing his turtle off. He came in at 4 pounds, 11 ounces (give or take a pound). His femur bones, stomach, and head are measuring at 33 weeks while my belly is measuring at 31 weeks. DD always measured ahead as well and she's a tall girl so I expect the same out of this one. He is head down and completely smushed in my pelvis, they could barely get an image of his face. I am still at a weight gain of 10 pounds, BP looked good.

I made the decision yesterday that I have to get into a new OB. This one is not personable, could careless about any questions I have, rushes the appointments (literally gone in 5 minutes), and is already pressuring me into scheduling an induction or c-section if I don't go into labor by 40 weeks. Considering I'm a VBAC and wanting a natural childbirth, I really feel like he will not at all be supportive. I emailed the local ICAN chapter and they gave me a couple OB names that are known for NCB and VBAC's, now to get my medical records transferred and an appointment scheduled ASAP!

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Sounds like the appt went well- yay for a well positioned and healthy baby!

And super good for you for looking for another OB. It's so important to feel comfortable with the care-giver that you choose! I bet in hindsight you'll be SO glad you switched, even at/after 32 weeks!

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I'm so glad that all looks well with baby boy. Woo hoo!

I changed providers at 31 weeks with Miles-- and I am so glad I did. It really was one of the best decisions I ever made-- and I made it for the same reasons as you--I felt my other provider was rushing me, didn't listen, etc. GL with your search!

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Definitely switch! You NEED to feel comfortable... so I'm glad you're doing it.

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Sounds like a great ultrasound! Sorry your doctor acted like that...my regular doc has done that a couple of times this pregnancy and it makes me so mad!! The specialist I see takes sooo much time. The ultrasound tech does a very detailed ultrasound at every appointment and then the doctor comes in and does it too....they take tons of time to answer questions and I LOVE that office. My regular office like I said has been hit or miss. He is all for me calling all the shots for delivery...so that I am happy about. But when they have one foot out the door the minute they step in...its just not right! So glad you will change!! I forgot how quick babies gain weight at the end. Your 2 weeks ahead and your baby is a pound bigger...which I believe is exactly right...each week they should gain about 1/2 a pound at this point! We are getting so close!! COngrats on seeing your little guy! Smile