32 Week Appt

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32 Week Appt

All is good! Baby is head down and heart rate was in 150s. My blood pressure was good and measuring right on. Gained a few more pounds...urgh. At the 35lb mark. Boo. Thats where I ended with the last 2 and I still have 8 more weeks. eek! Trying not to stress over it too much. Only issue is a nasty UTI that I have been battling the last week or so. Up literally 8 times at night to pee and just always have to go during the day. Also had cramping the last few days and he said thats a classic sign of UTI. Sent the urine off to be tested and sure enough. Dr prescribed me some antibiotics, so I am hoping I start feeling better soon!

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eww that stinks...i had my mid 32/33 appt yesterday. hb on my kiddo was good, consistently staying in the 140's. still miserable with sciatica pain and heartburn. but to the conclusion theres not much to do about both so i'll deal with the annoyance of it my way. car rides to ease the back pain and pepcid for the heartburn. my appointment took not even ten minutes...go back may 2nd.

hope you feel better!

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Sorry about the UTI! Glad baby looked good, though!!

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I'm glad your appointment went well! Lucky you for a head down baby Blum 3 I can't imagine how awful a UTI would be during pregnancy, what with all the peeing we already have to do! I hope it clears up quickly with you.