35 wk appointment.. making myself nervous.

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35 wk appointment.. making myself nervous.

Well, I had my 35 week appointment this morning, and now I'm getting myself all worked up. First off, I've lost a little weight. At my birthing class last week they told me that before you have your baby you lose 2-3 pounds. I'm also measuring just under 38, the baby book says that your measurement corresponds with how many weeks pregnant you are, so I should measure a little over 35 right? The doctor had an intern today so I asked to wait for my exam until next week and now I regret it because I want to know what's going on down there! Surely I shouldn't be concerned if the doctor was willing to let me wait another week for my strep test. Ugh. It's gonna be a long week.

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Most women measure off during their pregnancy at one point or another. We also gain/lose weight in weird fluctuations due to water weight. The last time you weighed yourself you might have had more salt the day before or been a little dehydrated or any other number of reasons for your body to retain fluid. Hugs

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dont worry! I bet you are fine!

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i honestly would not sweat this..i am measuring 2 weeks behind myself. when i went to the doc today i was measuring close to 35 weeks, the baby was measuring at 34 and a half weeks on monday when i had my car accident. he also is up to 5 lbs 9 ozs. most people would freak but hey both of my mom's babies came out 2-3 months early and didn't exceed over 4 lbs. so in that aspect, i am already better off. anyhow with the car accident i had the other day they had to do extensive tests to make sure everything was ok, and everything was. i was told measuring behind just meant i was smaller than most but after doing the ultrasounds, they told me everything was fine, nothing looked wrong...just simply that they were going to try to keep me pregnant as long as possible. if i am still pregnant in 3 weeks the ob will order another ultrasound and go from there. but in this last month my weight has went up and down give or take a few pounds. i'm sure if your doc was really concerned about measurements they would look into it more of why you weren't measuring up to size. but from the sounds of it, i am confident you'll be fine.

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Don't get too caught up in what you "measure". A lot of it has to do with how baby is positioned, etc. I measured two weeks ahead with DS, and am measuring two weeks ahead (well, last time I was told, which was several appointments ago) this time, too. I'm also short and have no torso, so I figure I will measure big because my uterus has nowhere else to go but out. Honestly, there are way better "signs" for upcoming labor (bloody show, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) that you will probably see vs. something like weight gain/loss or measurements.

I'm sure you are just fine! If you're really concerned, give them a call and talk to a nurse!

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Agreed, I would say don't stress on what you are measuring either. With both of my girls I measured a few weeks ahead a lot of the time and one came 4 days late and the other right on her due date. With this one I have measured a few weeks ahead one week and then right on the next week. Its hard not to get caught up in what the drs say though. I think they should measure you and not even say what you are measuring, unless there is cause for concern! Enjoy the last month of being prego (as much as you can!).

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Funny.... just today at my LLL meeting, a mom was telling me that for her last pregnancy (her 4th at that) she measured like 5 weeks BEHIND... and that baby was born her biggest (at like nearly 10lbs)!!! So, she just keeps saying, she doesn't know where the baby was hiding, but obviously the way she was laying was making a big difference! So yeah... measuring can be way off! I was measuring two weeks ahead for about 6-7 weeks, and then when baby went head-down, I went right back to measuring right on target. So my point is just, it could have a lot to do with baby's position- which is not to say baby is necessarily in a BAD position, but possibly just in a position that makes you measure big!

As for the weight...same thing... I just noticed my weight go down the last couple of days too... after having a couple weeks of sort of quick gain. Who knows. I'm not worried.

Try not to worry yourself. You should still have plenty of time, so sit back and just try to relax. Smile

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I totally agree with all the other ladies - don't worry yourself. Measurements are so subjective and dependent on the babies position. For most of the pregnancy, I was measuring 2-3 weeks ahead until I hit around 32 weeks and I am now measuring right on track.