36 week appt

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36 week appt

Could mean nothing because it is quite early, but had my appt today and Im 2 cm, baby is 6 lbs 10 oz, and today having some show - strong contractions the past two weeks, but not frequent. Just intense. Doc could feel baby's head. And came back out with lots of "show."

Im terrified of a large baby, so they are willing to induce at 39 weeks if I want, which I was happy to hear. I know some ladies are against that, but I really need reassurance that I wont have an over 8lb baby after by experience with DS.

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glad you're appointment went good. my docs are saying i have a posterior cervix and suspect that the doc who told me i'd have a 6-7lb full term baby at best was right. i'm content with that. keep us updated.

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Glad baby is well and sounds like your body is getting ready to do something.

Was your first DS big? You can always limit sugars and follow the GD diet for the next few weeks if you are worried about baby getting too chubby. Wink

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Sounds like a good appt. I know what you mean about being scared of a big baby. My first was 10 pounds and got stuck and turned things into an emergency. Not something I would ever want to do again. I know some people can push out a 12 pounder but my body is not one of those.

Good luck!!

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Sounds like a great appointment! Again, I have " show" envy, I still haven't had any and I'm 39 weeks!
Maybe you'll deliver soon! That would be awesome.
By the way I'm not going to judge you or anybody on your birth choices.

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You do what is right...you are the momma! So excited that you had a great appt! Any day now!!!!

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Yay for a good appointment. And agreed only you need to be comfortable with making the choice to induce, not anyone else!

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Thanks!!!! I know, everyone's choices are different. My son was over 9 lbs with a 24 hour labor. Not a great experience at all. (Im normally 105-110 lbs, so pretty small for that big of a baby.) Thus, my anxiety.

Im not sure if its soon or not, but I do know it is no longer than 3 weeks!!!!! WOOHOOO. Our whole family really cant wait. Smile

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Sounds like a good appointment!

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Sounds like a great appointment! And yay for show! Maybe things will be moving along for you shortly!