37 Week Appointment...

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37 Week Appointment...

The good news is I've lost weight! This probably means I'm not retaining so much water, which is awesome!
Baby is looking good and chunky, and she is active as ever.
I got the TDaP vaccine today, so my arm is very sore right now. Where I live there are a bunch of hippies (sorry, don't know how else to describe) who don't vaccinate their children and as a result, there is an EPIDEMIC of whooping cough in our community. This disease can be fatal to babies, especially newborns, so I asked to be vaccinated again while pregnant.
I'm a little steamed that a disease that has all but been eradicated is rampant in my community because folks choose to not vaccinate and put babies, like mine, at risk. *Off soapbox*

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Glad you had a good appt! Yay for a healthy baby! Smile

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Glad your appointment went well and baby is looking good! And I'm sorry about the outbreak of whooping cough in your community! That is so sad. Sad I'm glad you were able to get vaccinated, though!