37 week apt

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37 week apt

I had a ultrasound first everything is looking good lots of fluid and heart rate was 124 he is also head down. waahooo for that!!! Then they sent me into the office part to wait to see the dr. After 3 people going in front of me I lost it!! Dang pregnancy hormones Wink The nrse said oh you were suppose to sign in... Like it was my fault they forgot about me. The check up was fast everything is looking good. No cervix check just a gbs test. Next week they will check me

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awesome...my visits usually are short too, this last week i forgot 3 times when my appointment was. i knew which day it was on, just flat out forgot all 3 times what time it was. i told dh, pregnancy amnesia! lol

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Ugh right like it's your fault! Glad everything is good!

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Happy that your appt went well....it is all downhill from here!