38 Week Appt

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38 Week Appt

Had an appt today and all is looking good. Got checked and am 50% effaced and 2cm. I guess the last few nights of being up with contractions for HOURS was actually doing something. With my first I was at this point 2 weeks before I delivered and with my second 3 days, so who knows when this LO may be coming. Yesterday and today prior to the appointment I did go though a cleaning frenzy....cleaned house, vacuumed mini van, washed carseat pieces, charged cameras, ran a bunch of errands, ordered newborn diapers. Smile Maybe tomorrow I will finally get around to starting to pack my hospital bag, then I will feel just about ready! I go back to dr next monday. Thanks for letting me share!

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WOW! It does sound like it is right around the corner! Great news!!! Pack that bag!!!!

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Awesome! I've been scurrying around too, cleaning like mad!
Hope your baby comes soon... It's so exciting to think about.

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Sooooooooooooon!!!!! Yup, hurry and pack!

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Great progress!!

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Sounds like a great appointment! I've been having a lot of contractions and get checked today so I hope I've made a little progress too. I've also been in a cleaning frenzy! I actually bought a steam cleaner yesterday and overnighted it so I can use it today... this behavior is totally not like me. Normally I avoid cleaning if I can. I still haven't packed a hospital bag either... I have a gallon ziplock bag with toiletries in it and that is all. Maybe I'll throw everything together today.